Why there’s yellow leaves on cucumber plants in containers? Beat the issue by this…

Growing plants in containers is always fun, including cucumbers. Yet, sometimes when you do so, you may notice yellow leaves on cucumbers in containers. For many cases this is due to irrigation quantity, poor soil, sunlight exposure, pests, or leaf diseases.


It is important to realize that you watch out for your plant carefully, we know this issue can be harmful and may lead to permanent damage. The good thing to do is learning how to identify the real cause of cucumber yellow leaves in the container, which will help a lot in the solving process.


There is nothing to worry about because we will use a practical method that will allow us to know the source of this issue, along with the solution for each one separately. More importantly, you will learn how to protect your cucumber leaves in containers in the future.


Let’s go to find out what happened to your plant.

You will find in this article:


1 should you cut off the yellow leaves on cucumber plants in containers.

Yellow leaves on cucumbers in containers can occur for a lot of reasons. You are allowed to cut off these leaves only if you’re so sure that some disease has hit your plant, because excluding the rotten parts is the best choice you should be doing to control the disease from expanding.


Otherwise, if the reason is only from watering or sunlight exposure. It is more likely that the yellow leaves of your cucumber will fade away due to weather conditions such as wind or so, eventually they will drop without any action from you.


Meanwhile, you can take care of your cucumber properly by providing the necessary needs with the right amount from soil till fertilizing. By doing so, you will most likely have a healthy plant that you will be proud of in the long-run.

More importantly, the big question you should be asking is, can you save those yellow leaves of your cucumber planted in the pot…..




2 Can you save the yellow leaves on cucumbers in containers?

Cucumber plants hardly get problems when they find the proper care. Yet, yellow leaves may occur sometimes due to several reasons. In most cases like water shortage or lack of nutrients or sunlight issues, the leaves can be saved and they can recover to their natural color if you implement what must be done properly.


However, if the issue is due to disease or pests, then the recovery will be more difficult especially if you are dealing with a deadly disease.

 Equally important, knowing how to identify the cause and how to solve yellow leaves will be the right thing to do. Let’s find out more about that…


3 how to fix the yellow leaves on cucumbers in containers.

Before we start guessing on multiple solutions and how to fix the yellow color, we recommend identifying the reason first. Knowing what your cucumber’s issue is a huge part of the solution itself.

As a practical way, here’s what you should do:


  •       How to identify the reason behind yellow leaves:

Seeing your cucumbers turning yellow in containers may be frustrating, but no worries because there is a practical method I personally use which is specifically designed for easy identification especially in such circumstances.

The first thing to do is to start eliminating the causes one by one, to do so follow these steps:


Do a general inspection to your cucumber plant and see if:

  1. Watering your plant with the proper amount: good amount should be 1 to 2 inches per plant, it is wise to respect this in order to prevent such cases. Lack of water is also another issue, so make sure to water regularly and let the soil moisture.


  1. Your cucumber has had enough exposure to direct sunlight in the day: you should be aware that cucumber plants need at least 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight each day, make sure there is no such cover preventing sunlight from your plant.


  1. Lack of nutrients: such a reason may also be behind yellow leaves of cucumbers in containers, when you provide balanced nutrients in the soil will push away any further problems. Applying a balanced fertilizer like 5-10-10 is considered a wise choice in many cases, make sure to fertilize every 15 days.


As you can see, in the first general inspection we are eliminating the necessary needs of the cucumber plant which may be the reason behind yellow leaves.

What is required from you is to make sure to provide what your plant needs, after that you should wait for a couple of weeks and inspect daily for further results.


After 15 days have passed you will notice either recovering from yellow leaves which is considered a solved issue. Or you will find that the issue is still there.


In this case, it is time for the second inspection:


Second inspection:

if none of the above actions helped in solving yellow leaves on cucumbers in containers, then the reasons are because of: pests or leaf diseases.

First we start with pest inspection. Pests are small harmful insects that feed from leaves, which they will settle in the stem, under and above the leaves. We can recall few of them as they can cause yellow leaves on cucumber as a side effect for their existence, and those are include:


  Potato leafhoppers.

  Spider mites.


  Cucumber beetles.



To solve this issue in general, it is best to use insecticidal soap, neem oil, or Spinosad. The three choices are great for killing and make pests repel your cucumbers.

To do that, apply neem oil along with spinosad day by day, which means first day apply spinosad and then neem oil the day after and repeat the process for 10 days to see further results. Make sure to spray all around the cucumber plant along with the top of planting soil.


After the 10 days passes, verify if the problem is solved, if so then great. If not, then the issue is about leaf diseases which is considered the most dangerous case.

To know which cucumber disease is causing yellow leaves on cucumbers, we have managed to explain some of them. Let’s dig in:


Cucumber mosaic virus and fusarium wilt: these two diseases are deadly unfortunately. These are not for solving, when they hit your plant it is preferable to get rid of: the plant, the soil, and even the tools you have worked with.

Such diseases are extremely harmful even in the future planting. When you finish throwing all the affected plants and tools, it is also preferable to call a specialist just in case for a secondary precaution.


Downy mildew: this one has at least the hope of saving the plant. The symptoms of this disease will be yellow spots and some kind of mold under the leaves. These yellow spots will turn brown in the future.


Solution: eliminate all the infected plants, this kind of disease only spreads on living plants. By eliminating and removing them. Apply fungicide also to make sure you have got rid of it completely.


More often than not, I found myself juggling around my plants and seeing them starting to struggle. I take a deep breath and start wondering: what am I doing wrong this time? Why do I always see these unsatisfying results? Then again, I sat there and breathed again, thoughts in my head telling me to give up on all of this.


But again, I rationalized my thinking and remembered the joy I felt when I grew my first plants. How each plant thrived and gave so many sweet fruits, amazing feelings.


I decided to observe my cucumber and provide the needs one by one, day after day. Surprisingly, after only a week I noticed that my cucumbers started to thrive again in a wonderful view. I felt so happy and I was so glad that I didn’t give up, my efforts didn’t go in vain.


4 how to prevent yellow leaves on cucumbers in containers.

Now that you have learned how to identify and fix the yellow leaves on cucumbers in containers, it is time step into the next level of caring your plant, which is taking future precautions in order to protect and prevent this issue from getting a place on your planting site in the future, and also to make sure you have a healthy cucumber that enlighten your garden in their best robe.


To do so, follow these instructions and you will be in the right place:


  1. Before initiating the planting process, ensure that soil is a mix of 50% soil + 50% sand.
  2. Choose a healthy cucumber plant to avoid any issue.
  3. Plant the seedling of cucumber carefully without damaging the roots to avoid transplant shock.
  4. Water it regularly with the right amount of water (1 to 2 inches should be enough); ensure to not make the soil drown (do the finger inspection).
  5. Provide direct sunlight for 8 hours daily.
  6. Do regular fertilizing with the proper type every each week to provide the necessary nutrients.
  7. Do daily fungicide application to your plant and the planting soil even if you don’t see any danger or pests around.
  8. Use trellis to provide air circulation to your cucumbers in the container.



Given these points, you will have such wonderful and healthy cucumbers in pots and containers. For sure, when doing so, the sweet cucumber fruits will be your reward for the hard work and daily caring without any doubt.



As a final thought on the topic in short words, the yellow leaves on cucumbers in containers can happen due to various causes like: water, sunlight, nutrients in soil, pests, and diseases. Any one of those can lead to that symptom in both cases (lack or excess).


Moreover, you should not cut those yellow leaves from the container’s cucumbers unless the reason is due to a disease. You can save them if the reason is a lack/excess of the plant needs such as (light, water, nutrients).


Equally important, you must identify the real reason behind this issue before getting into the solving process. Eventually, you can protect your plant by providing the suitable instructions mentioned above.

Furthermore, if you face other problems regarding cucumbers, there are a number of topics regarding them. Happy gardening to you.

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