Why is my horsetail plant dying

Why is my horsetail plant dying ? a deep dive into the issue and solve it


Horsetail plant or Equisetum hyemale, is very good plant to grow and decorate with it, it is also come with some good Characteristics such as tolerance and little to no-diseases that can harm it, although the previous, you may see the worst case scenario which is your horsetail plant start dying without any notice.


The reasons of horsetail dying can be due to root rot, which is the main reason for most cases, and also it can be the sodic soil, and finally if not the previous, than it is most likely a fertile soil, these 3 conditions and cases that can really damage the horsetail plant badly causing by that their death.


Despite all the previous reasons, this issue can be solved in a short time with minimal amount of tools and effort, so worry no more and read the topic that explain how to solve the problem, and also how to prevent your horsetail plant from dying in the future, without further ado, let’s get into the details:



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Why is my horsetail plant dying 

1 the reasons that cause horsetail dying:

As you may know, horsetail plant has survived through millions of years ago, which means that is a hardy badass plant to the limit, and yet, a little reasons that can harm it which what we will discuss here:

  • Too much water:

In order to solve your horsetail plant problems, you must first know a little about it, after all, knowledge is the key for everything.

Planting or growing scouring rush in a site with plenty of irrigation, or too much watering your plant will definitely cause the roots to be submerged, making by that eventually to a disease that is called root rot, and finally the horsetail plant death.

  • Sodic soil:

Another thing that will harm the horsetail plant is the sodic soil, and we mean by that the high level of ph in the planting site, this can be happened due to a few things we name among them such as superfluous manure compost, it can be also a natural thing in the growing soil, so it definitely worth checking the ph in the ground.

  • Fertile soil: 

 Ironically, as we know in the community of gardeners and nature lovers,the fertile soil must help the plants to grow and thrive, but not in our case, because the high amounts of fertilizer in the planting site of the horsetail plant will hurt it, and cause their death, so if you think you are helping it by adding fertilizer to it, then think again, you are not.


Why is my horsetail plant dying


2 How to solve the issue of horsetail plant dying ?:


After we digged in why our horsetail plant is dying, it is time for us to solve the problem, but firstly, i like to do a process that i called personally ‘’ diagnostic of the original issue’’, what i mean by that is looking into the plant itself, and try to know the reason that we end up in this situation.

Don’t worry, follow these steps and you will know what to do:


1 look in the horsetail plant and see if there excess of irrigation, you must know that in normal condition, watering one time in a week can be enough for your plant, so if it is more than that, is is definitely the reason of your horsetail death issue, to solve it limit the irrigation to the amount mentioned previously.



2 check your plant after two weeks from the first step, if the horsetail start to thrive and regrow, then problem solved, if not, you should check your soil fertility, because as we mentioned earlier, too much nutrient is a sign for horsetail to get out from your garden, to solve this, consider covering the planting site with bark mulch.


This can provide the conditions that are more like moist soil that contain, let it sit for another two weeks and see what happens.


3 if none of the previous methods didn’t help your horsetail plant to regrow, then you have a soil problem, to cut the chase and give you what you want, you should replant your horsetail into a moist or foggy soil that contain lower nutrient, you can do by moving it in a pot or in the soil itself with a well prepared mixed soil that will eventually help the plant to thrive.



3 how to protect and prevent horsetail from dying : 


In order to protect your horsetail plant from dying, you should be aware as a gardener that providing the right conditions for best growing is a crucial step before heading into digging and watering and letting.


 It is more than that actually, checking your soil health and nutrients that are needed is as important as the impotence of other natural conditions such as the sunlight and others.

While that our horsetail is a hardy plant, it is also worth doing the following once in a while during the year, for example:

1 check the irrigation or watering system that you have and make sure to limit it to your horsetail, one cup of water a week is enough.

2 check the pH of the soil once every 6 months, it should be acidic as the pH must be between 4.5 and 5.5 using a pH tester, if it is higher, then you should consider increasing the soil pH.

3 don’t use too much fertilizer as it has a bad effect on your horsetail, instead use a bark mulch that can provide no-nutrient cover that will help to improve your plant.

4 If you don’t have a lot of knowledge in soil and how to fix it, consider using a mixed prepared soil that is moist and provides what your horsetail plant needs, and also to avoid any problem in the future.


With that to keep in mind, when you apply the previous advice, you will certainly have more than one happy horsetail, you will have plenty.


Why is my horsetail plant dying



To sum things up, there are 3 main reasons that can make your horsetail plant dying,firstly there is root rot, and second there is the sodic soil, and lastly there is the fertile soil.


To solve these problems, you should make sure to not irrigate your horsetail too much, one time in the week will do the trick, another thing you can do is limiting the fertilizer from your plant, and lastly, you can provide a boggy soil to it to provide all the conditions that your horsetail needs.


Moreover, in order to protect your horsetail plant, you should provide the right conditions such as an acidic and low nutrient environment, when done right, you will see a good result behind your effort.


Furthermore, if you like to know more about horsetail and all about it, you should read other articles, and also if you have other questions regarding this topic or even other, throw it below and will try to help you as much as i could, and remember: happy gardening.

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