Why is my garlic green inside

Why is my garlic green inside ? here is how you handle it

Sometimes, you may face when you clean your garlic some green small stem inside your vegetable, eventually you will wonder about this and think why is my garlic green inside?, the reason behind it is your garlic has passed its prime time and started to get AGED, those green parts in the center are called germs.


Additionally, if you still have questions about this, we have covered what we think you still have doubts about, from eating it, till the other uses that you can do with it, so stick around to find out more, and now, straight forward to the details.
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Why is my garlic green inside



1 Can you eat the green part of garlic (germ):

First thing first, you should know that those green parts are in your vegetable from the first start as they are fresher, the only different is they will be more appealing by the time passes, be more green in the center, usually, the flavor of them is bitter than the mildly and spicy taste of casual garlic as we know it.


To answer your question, if you tend to eat it as raw in this shape, you will experience a different taste, like we mentioned previously more bitter, this taste will change your experience dramatically in unpleasant way, so is better to not eat it like that, not because it’s harmful, but because you should avoid the unpleasant attempt.


In the meantime, if you insist on eating it raw, you will have to remove the green center in garlic, this will loosen the bitter flavor and let you enjoy your vegetable in a way you like.


In addition, there is another way to ensure you diminish the unpleasant taste, is using your garlic in stew meals that require long time cooking, this will make sure to have only the mild flavor of your vegetable into your dish without throwing anything, you may stumble with whom advice to take them away even in long time cooking meals, believe me, this will not change a thing, the results are quite the same in my humble opinion.


Despite the previous facts, if you still have doubts and wonder if garlic germ is bad for you or not, let me tell you it is not, it is totally safe for you to eat it, and it will be okay if you consume your garlic with the green part, so no worries from you.


2 how to remove the green center in garlic (germ):

What you should be aware of when thinking about removing the green part in garlic is, when your vegetable reaches this level of aging, the germ starts to get harder and greener, which will lead it to be easy to take off from your cloves.


While you can use a knife to ditch them, you can also remove them only by using your bare fingers, slightly rub the germs, and with your nails take them off without damaging the garlic cloves.


Unfortunately, there is no fast way or some hack to remove the germ from garlic in bulk, so if you have a lot of those kinds of green garlic, it will take you some time to remove them, and all the time spent with that will be rewarding, because really, who among of us who don’t like this vegetable?, I know you do.


3 other uses of the green germ of garlic :

There is another use for your garlic with a green center rather than just eating it. What you could do is plant it. Yes, you heard me right, those green parts in your garlic are actually sprouts that came out naturally.


Why is my garlic green inside


Those green garlics are more likely suitable for growing, and if you do it in the right way, it is more than likely for you to have happy young growing garlic in your backyard, or any suitable place to plant it.


4 how to prevent the garlic germ from happening:

In order to prevent those germs from hitting your garlic, you should know that those green part affect only aged vegetable, which means when your garlic is fresh and newly picked from the soil, those parts are pale and soft and nearly noticeable, the best practice you can do by that time is curing your garlic, in other words, keeping your vegetable as fresh as possible when not skipping this part. full article.


Another good thing you could do is storing your vegetable in good storage conditions such as : dark and dry places, plus you need to keep in mind that the humidity affects the quality of your vegetable, other than that, by applying these steps, you will not face this small issue again.


Keep in mind if you already have those aged garlic, there is nothing you can do to prevent them, because they are already there, you can only proceed with what we discussed in the previous parts such as eating and planting.


Why is my garlic green inside






To sum all things from the above, the reason behind green part in the center of garlic is, the vegetable has already passed been a star and starts to get aged, which will lead for those germs to form in more strong and appearing shape, if you tend to eat raw, remove them using a knife or just by hand, rubbing it slightly will do the job.

Another thing to take with you is, eating the green garlic inside will not be harmful to you, or make you sick in any way, what you should expect when attempting to do it as raw is, the bitter flavor that comes with it, which will lead of course to unpleasant experience and also unusual taste unlike the spicy known garlicky flavor.


You can instead either throw them in stew meals, or better decision IMO plant it, as it is suitable and also a more enjoyable process to experience.


Furthermore, if you like the topic, or you have other questions in mind, feel free to throw them below. I will be happy to climb mountains to find the answers in an interesting way like usual, other than that, happy gardening to you.

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