Why is my dragon fruit plant turning yellow

Why is my dragon fruit plant turning yellow? Solve it with this:

Many gardeners enjoy having dragon fruit plant in their backyards, even though that this is a wonderful fruit to have, you will face some symptoms like your dragon fruit plant turning yellow if you are not growing it in their native climate which is the tropical weather, the reason behind yellowing dragon fruit is concluded in 3 main reasons: intense sunlight exposure above 100 Fahrenheit, water it more than it should need, or there is magnesium deficiency in the soil.


Therefore, we have gathered all what you may need concerning the yellowing dragon fruit plant, starting from first appearance until the way to solve it, and of course how to prevent it and keep your plant as healthy as possible to enjoy with healthier fruits, without any further delays, let’s get to the point:

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Why is my dragon fruit plant turning yellow




1 Deep dive on reasons behind dragon fruit plant turning yellow:


Like many dragon fruit growers know, the native of this plant is tropical, this means that this plant will thrive in the ultimatum weather of this place like weather and temperature and also the humidity, any shortage of the previous will cause additional issues like dragon fruit plant may turn into yellow.


The danger of this specific issue will depend on how big it hit your plant, you should be aware that underestimating this may cause bigger problem like stem rot, which means that you must handle this problem in the early days and solve it, this process is always better than dealing with additional issues you are not in need to. full article.


Which will lead us to the big question:


How to identify the real reason behind dragon fruit plant leaves turning yellow?


First thing first, you should observe your dragon fruit plant leaves and see how big the issue hit your plant, is it hitting small places, or it is spreading on all the way on the leaves?, if it is a small hit, don’t worry at this stage, let it be a few days and come back to it.


If it is a big hit, you must ask yourself, how much did you water your dragon fruit?, take into account that watering your plant too much may lead to this issue, the good portion of water that your plant needs is irrigation once a week, if you are in a rainy place, you can extend the irrigation up to once every two weeks.


If you are sure that the reason is not overwatering it, this will lead us to the next question, is your dragon fruit experiencing and facing intense sunlight exposure?, we mean by intense is above 100 Fahrenheit (38 °C), if the answer is no then you are in a good place, if not then it is more than likely the reason behind yellowing your dragon fruit plant leaves.


Eventually, if none of the previous reasons match your case, this will lead us to the final reason, which is the magnesium deficiency in the soil, this also can occur to your plant and cause some kind of nutrient stress that lead to yellow dragon fruit leaves. read more about eating dragon fruit at night. 


2 How to treat the dragon fruit that turned into yellow?:

After identifying the reason that caused the yellow leaves, what is left here is only treat and solve the issue according to reasons, by applying the following instruction, you will solve it in no time:



Like we mentioned previously, to solve this you should water your plant once in a week, this should be more than enough, and it will give the irrigation needs, you can use irrigation timer device that will help you a lot to set and organize properly when you should water your dragon fruit plant in the proper times.


Intense sunlight exposure:

In order to solve this, you should move your plant to a shady place or less intense exposure to sunlight, like moving it to a morning sun facing place, another thing you can do is provide shade using tall trees or by using some sort of protection clothes to conserve your dragon fruit plant from sun harm.


Magnesium deficiency:

This one is more a bit easy, you can solve this by adding Epsom salt into your plant either directly to by sprinkle it to the soil, or add it to water and then pour it, the necessary amount of Epsom salt can be enough as the amount of 1 – 1,5 tablespoons per plant, after that there is no other required actions from your behalf, just sit tide and observe until your plant is fully recovered.


3 How long does it take to solve the yellowing dragon fruit plants?:

As far this is a relative have a lot of variants like how big issue of your case, and the weather conditions, and from many growers that I know, this problem of yellowing dragon fruit plant can be not more than a month max, so if you apply the previous steps that we have discussed, you can expect to solve it in a month or less. read about best dragon fruit varieties.


Why is my dragon fruit plant turning yellow


4 How to prevent your dragon fruit plant from turning yellow

like you and i and many gardeners, nothing can make us happier than healthier plants, we all want to have good and sweet dragon fruits without any issues, this will lead us to implement some precaution steps to ensure we have these great results, so follow along to have what you wish for:


  1. Make sure you have a well draining soil that sucks the water immediately when doing the irrigation.
  2. Water it once a week, if you are in a rainy place, consider watering it less.
  3. Make sure that your dragon fruit does not face intense sunlight during the hot summer season, provide shade by using clothes or a cane wall.
  4. Before the hot season (summer) by two weeks, you can apply and pour the Epsom salt into your plant, this process will not have any additional issue and your dragon fruit will not object to it in the soil.


5 Does the yellow leaves of dragon fruit plants happen in every season ?:

Like the scientifics always says, if you do the same reasons and circumstances, this will lead to the same results, the same in our case, but if you are ensuring to apply the previous steps mentioned earlier, you will not face the yellow leaves of dragon fruit plant, and you will enjoy with healthier fruits all year long.



6 Conclusion:

In a short brief, the reasons behind dragon fruit plants turning yellow can be resumed in 3 major cases: intense sunlight, magnesium deficiency, or excessive watering. To solve it you must first identify the cause, after that every case can be handled separately according to reasons.


In addition, to prevent this issue from hitting your dragon fruit, you should ensure to provide well draining soil, water it regularly, keep it away from strong sun, and provide Epsom salt to soil before the hot season.


Furthermore, if you are growing it good thing you have done, if not, you should really consider planting dragon fruit plant in your garden, because it is a great thing and experience to have, not to mention the ease of the process and the sweetness of eating your own fruit, if you have other question regarding the topic, ask it below and I will be happy to answer it, happy gardening.


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