why is garlic spicy

Why is garlic spicy ? tone it down with these simple tricks

You can always taste garlic every each time, and in every time you will find it spicy once you bite it with your teeth, so why is garlic spicy, The reason behind the spicy flavor is the nature component that will be produce, which is allicin, Just after crushing it with your teeth, The process of forming this compound will cause the hot feeling in your tong.


Want more details ?, if you want to know more about this topic, we have covered all what you may need, and also how to reduce the effects of this flavor, and much more, without any further delay, straight away into details:





Why is garlic spicy


1 what makes garlic spicy (deep dive into chemical reactions):


To explain the process, you should be aware that this vegetable contains lot of healthy benefits, The important one is allicin, and there are a lot of medicines that are made with this particular component, The trick behind the spicy flavor is the transformations and chemical reactions that will start once you crush or mince this vegetable, causing by that hot sensation, which what human body feel it as a spice. Full article.


Additionally, there is no harm will occur to you while experiencing the spicy flavor of garlic, as it is a good thing to eat this vegetable raw, which will give you much more profit than just the spicy taste.





why is garlic spicy


2 how long the spicy garlic will last in your mouth:

What you should be aware of is, every garlic clove has it own strong flavor, as you find different tastes in one bulb, which will lead us to conclusion about on how it can last the spicy garlic tasting in your mouth, it is depends on each clove, it can take 30 minutes if it is weak one, and it can take up to 24 hours max if your clove is strong one and contain much more flavorful component inside it.


Equally important thing to remember, while eating this spicy garlic, you will also have some additional symptoms such as smelly breath, which can be solved with the right ways, to let you enjoy more with your vegetable without annoying anyone around you.





3 Is cooked garlic spicy ?:

Cooking garlic is considered one of the best ways to eliminate the spicy flavor of it, you may wonder why is cooking affect the taste, and I will answer you with this, while the transformation that make allicin take its form, the heating part while you are cooking your vegetable will break all the chemical bonds that are responsible for forming this component, leading by that no spicy flavor at all.


Another key point is, when you cook your vegetable you will reduce so many nutrients that it contain, while this process will eliminate the spicy flavor, you will not profit with the good amount of healthy benefits of it, as there is other better ways to enjoy with your vegetable without the annoying flavor, and also benefit the most from it.





4 how to reduce the effect of spicy garlic:

When you want to reduce the spicy garlic taste without losing the good benefits, there are some tricks will do quite the job, you can tone down the strong flavor by adding acidic ingredients to your meal, we mention some of them such as vinegar and lemon, this will prevent the transformation from happening which lead for less in spicy taste.




why is garlic spicy



Moreover, there is another trick to try, and it is about crushing your vegetable with a sharp knife, after that leave it to rest for about 10 to 15 minutes (necessary amount of time to let allicin form), after that you can add it to your cooked meal at the final stage, letting you enjoy with its benefits and also lesser spicy garlic.





5 conclusion:



In a short brief from the above, the garlic is spicy because when you crush it with your teeth, it causes the starting of chemical transformation to form allicin, while this process is start to happen, it will cause hot sensation and feeling inside your mouth, leading by that to the known spicy flavor of garlic.


In addition, the spicy garlic will last in mouth depends on how strong of each clove, it can start from 30 minutes if the clove is weak, and it can last for 24 hours if you ate strong one, as there is no way to define and distinguish the difference with your eye only, so it is matter of luck actually.


Another thing to know is, the cooked garlic is not as spicy as raw, while the heating during cooking will eliminate and destroy all the bonds that are responsible for the spicy flavor, so it will be a good choice for non spice people.


To reduce this strong taste, you should add acidic ingredients to your meal such as vinegar and lemon juice, you can also reduce it by first chopping it, letting it rest for 10 minutes, and then adding it to your meal.


Furthermore, if you want fresh vegetables all year long, you should think of growing it instead, an easy thing to do more than you can imagine, not to mention the happiness while eating your own grown food. I wish you enjoyed this topic, other opinions and suggestions are always welcome at the bottom.

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