Why do I have yellow garlic cloves

Why do I have yellow garlic cloves instead of white ones? here’s how to prevent it

Garlic is considered a great vegetable that has many uses in the kitchen, although you can face along the way some sort of yellow garlic cloves instead of the casual known white cloves, so what is the reason behind this color?, The main reason that causes the yellow garlic cloves is most likely the high warm temperature that hits this vegetable when growing, especially when the harvest time is close, which will lead the cloves turning from white into yellow.


However, there may be another factor that causes this main issue which is particularly about storing conditions, while in this case the humidity and hot conditions will impact negativity causing by that yellow garlic.


Additionally, if you wish to know more about this subject, we have already taken all the aspects that you may wonder and need while dealing with this small issue, such as the possibility of eating it, and also the most important one, how to prevent this yellow garlic cloves from happening in the first place, without any more delays, let’s get to the point.


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Why do I have yellow garlic cloves




1 Are yellow garlic cloves a bad sign ?



Even though that every kitchen women want to quarry the most from its vegetables, there is no point from keeping those yellow garlic cloves, which will be a sign of lesser either in freshness and flavor from it, the main thing you want to test your vegetable is tightness heads and also hard, unlike those yellow cloves that you will find them mushy and also has elastic shape which is not the natural form of this vegetable.



In addition, you can take the yellow color as a bad sign because it is literally the beginning of the spoiling cloves, and those will harm the other healthy white cloves if you do not apply the necessary precautions to reduce this issue from spreading and harming the rest.






Why do I have yellow garlic cloves

2 Can I eat yellow garlic cloves ?:


Unfortunately, it is not recommended to eat those yellow garlic cloves as we mentioned previously about the cause of this issue, with that been said, if you caught this issue in the early stages you will notice that only some cloves that are affected with it, which is a good thing that will allow you to isolate and remove them from the bulb to prevent it from spreading, therefore, you can use the rest white cloves with a safe conscience. Full article here.



Despite the previous fact, there are some people such as Indonesians treat those yellow cloves as a treasure when they find them in their bulbs, because honestly, it is rare thing to happen if you notice that, they also believe that those cloves will add great taste to meals as like the medical benefits also, you should be aware that those cloves are not toxic in any means as far as whom test it, in fact, many people who actually eat those found that they have lesser mildly flavor and some sort of sweet taste.




3 What to do to prevent my garlic cloves from turning yellow ?



What is best to do when you want to prevent or reduce this issue from happening, is firstly you should inspect your vegetable when you have it in your hands, by feeling your cloves and making sure that you have only fresh and hard cloves, also you want to ensure that all your cloves are white and healthy.



The other thing that you should do is curing your vegetable before storing it for the long run, which means hanging it in place that has the air circulation, and also making sure it is far away from any sunlight exposure, this process will take at least from two to four weeks until you have healthy cured cloves that are ready to store without any further concern.




Why do I have yellow garlic cloves


In addition, when it comes to storing conditions, it is preferable putting your vegetable in a dry and dark space away from any humidity that may harm them and make them rot, if the previous precautions are done properly, you should be in a safe zone, and you will enjoy eventually with healthy cloves along the year.



4 Conclusion:



To summarize all the previous in a short brief, there are two main reasons that causes yellow garlic cloves, the first one may be happened because the high warm climate during the growing of this vegetable, especially when it is almost ripe (harvest time), the other thing may be the storing conditions, which will lead to this issue if isn’t perfect such as dry and dark place without any humidity.


In addition, the yellow garlic cloves are considered as a bad sign, because it is literally the beginning of the spoilage of this vegetable, as it is also a sign that you have less fresh cloves than the white natural cloves, eating those yellow cloves is not recommended, although they are not toxic in any means, as there is some people such as Indonesians treat them like a treasure when they find them.


Another key point to remember and apply, in order to prevent this issue from happening in the first place, you should take a deep look into your vegetable and remove all the yellow cloves, another thing to do is curing your vegetable for at least 4 weeks, when you want to store your vegetable make sure to apply the perfect conditions such as dry and dark place for safe storing without any rottenest.


Furthermore, if you would like to have fresh cloves, you should think about growing it, because it is great and easy thing to do also, not to mention the joy along this process such as growing your own food, I hope you liked the topic like me when I thought about sharing the knowledge I have, as always, opinions and suggestions are welcome below.

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