what herbs grow well with chives

what herbs grow well with chives ? need to know? read this:

Thinking about what herbs grow well with chives?, great, because you have a lot of options here to fill the space in between, you can grow with it mints and dill plant, also parsley, basil and tarragon considered great companions, there is also roses, a lot to consider which is great, you may wonder why, simply because they are almost in the same growing conditions.


Moreover, there are more plants and vegetable you can grow with it to benefit even more, there are also some harmful plants that does not consider suitable to grow them around your herb, to know more about that and more, stay with us and let’s go into deep searching.

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what herbs grow well with chives



1 what grows well with chives beside herbs:

as you may know or not, let me tell you that your plant has additional privilege to grow with other plants and vegetable besides herbs, more good thing about it, so what grows well with chives beside herbs?, well here they are:


apples: you can benefit growing your herb beside apple trees as it is a good companion plant for chives, the most useful thing for the apple is driving out the harmful animals like deer and squirrels, it is also prohibiting them from getting apple scab, which is harmful for the apples

carrots: carrots also considered a good companion plant to grow near chives, as it will expend and give you a handful amount to enjoy.

Tomatoes: another good companion plant to consider, because your tomatoes will benefit the most when your herb hold off the harmful pests from it.

Same family members(alliums): typically every family members are suitable to grow near your herb such as onions and garlic, because they are similar in the planting circumstances, which means growing healthy along with it.

Grapes: grapes also grow well with chives, you will benefit a lot when doing that, it will prevent the wild animals from, and also pests.

Strawberry tree: along the nature of your herb, the strawberries will benefit the most, because it will enrich the soil with the necessary nutrient in order to grow the strawberry in a great shape.

Potatoes: what is more beneficial for potatoes than the good insects, which means that the potatoes will grow well near the chives in a good way as like the strawberries.



what herbs grow well with chives



2 chives companion planting: which herbs to avoid:

despite the fact of lot of herbs and plants are good companions for chives, there also some herbs that does not grow that well like the previous ones, because typically they do not meet the equal growing conditions and soil requirements, we mention few from them such as rosemary, lavender, marjoram, thyme and also sage.

The herbs we mentioned require loamy soil, not like your herb that require much more moisture soil and well drainage one, which means a poor environment for these herbs.



3 other vegetable considered harmful to be chives companion plants:

when thinking about what to plant near your herb, you should consider avoiding the following such as spinach and peas, beans are also has a hard time to grow that well near your herb, you may avoid also asparagus because you will not see good results by doing that.

With that been said, not all herbs and plant are good to be together, in our case the most good thing is the companions plants are a lot either herbs or vegetables or fruits, so you should not consider it a negative point against it. read about” do you wash chives before freezing”.


what herbs grow well with chives



4 benefits of companion planting with chives:

if you want to fill the space in between and thinking about planting other plants along with your herb you will benefit a lot of things, which we will mention the important ones such as:

  1. The first thing you will benefit when doing that is exploiting your space garden or pots with the plants, which means you are not trapped with only one plant in one place, you can grow as much as you like, by respecting only the companion planting like we mentioned previously, and also the growing circumstances, by that time you will have a huge happiness with the results.
  2. when planting a good companions plants with chives, they will benefit from the good insects such as bees and others, which will cause a good impact to them such as pollinating process to them.
  3. another benefit is making the soil even richer with the good nutrients, of course the other plants will be more than happy when that happen, allowing them to grow even better.
  4. when you grow companion planting with chives, expect good results in form of productivity and flavorful taste also.


Given these points, your companion planting with chives will give a great impact to your herbs, either the quantity and quality also, for sure you will have no doubt that you are doing the right thing, if you are not, let me tell you, you are messing huge fruits in the ground.




what herbs grow well with chives


5 conclusion :


in a short summary from the previous information, there are a lot of herbs that grow well with chives like : mints and dill, also parsley, basil and tarragon, roses, you should avoid these herbs like: rosemary, lavender, marjoram, thyme and also sage, the vegetable that grow well with it are: apples, carrots, tomatoes, the alliums’ family, strawberries and potatoes and also grapes.


What you should avoid from the vegetable are: spinach and peas, beans and asparagus, there are a lot of benefits from companion planting with chives like exploiting the space of the ground, attracting the beneficial insects, making the soil rich with nutrients and lot more.


In the final analysis, if you are growing this herb, well done to you, if not you should consider growing it, it is important to realize that is really easy thing to do, and of course you will benefit a lot of things, any opinions and suggestions are welcome in the comment section, don’t be shy, I will be glad to hear your progress.

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