What are those tiny black bugs on cucumber plants? Approved method for radical removal.

Cucumber, is a preferable fruit for many. This is why plenty of people tend to grow it in their yard. Doing so often comes with its own challenges such as finding tiny bugs on cucumber plants. So what are those pests invading your beloved cucumber? Most likely those tiny black bugs are aphids.


Black aphids are a serious issue for your cucumber plant if you don’t handle it. If you neglect it and let them be, you will suffer the danger of damaged cucumber fruits or even the death of the plant itself, so it is better to settle the issue when you observe it.



More importantly, you should know how to repel those tiny bugs from your cucumber plants. Also you need to take the necessary precaution to prevent them from coming to your garden in the future, which is the main goal of this article as we will do everything you’ll need to manage this type of problem. Without further delays, let’s get to it.

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1 Why are there tiny black bugs on the cucumber plant?

Having tiny black bugs (black aphids) on your cucumber plant is totally normal. You see, you may Ask why you have those pests and you think that you have done something wrong. The reason why you have tiny black bugs on cucumbers is because those pests basically love the liquid that your plant has in their stem (as known sap).


Black aphids are eating from your plant the sap because it contains nutrients they need in order to live and multiply. A good thing for them and bad for you, but knowing this fact will exclude the blaming part as you react with more enthusiasm to resolve a natural issue.



Equally important, you should be aware of the danger that comes with those tiny black bugs if you let them multiply as they wish, and we mention:

  •       In the early days of black aphid’s invasion on cucumbers, you will notice that your cucumber leaves are starting to be shiny. This is due to aphids producing a liquid called honeydew that is more likely to attract other harmful insects to your plant.
  •       When the aphids are in huge numbers, your cucumber suffers multiple diseases such as sooty mold and mosaic virus.
  •       Your cucumber will face the yellowing leaves which will lead to them dying eventually.
  •       Your cucumber plant will face the danger of dying.
  •       You will suffer from damaged cucumber fruits.


Given these points, when you see tiny black aphids on a cucumber plant, you should hurry to handle the issue as those pests will destroy everything you’ve worked on. this is why you must do this step next


2 How to get rid of tiny black bugs on cucumber plants.

Knowing why and the danger of black aphids on cucumber plants is important, but there is no point if you don’t have knowledge of removing them.


To do so, there are two ways which are efficient for repelling and to get rid of them. The first one includes beneficial insects like ladybugs and Parasitoid wasp, the second solution includes using natural pesticides.

Let’s explain in further details:

  •       Solution 01: bring black aphid’s predators to kill them:

As you know, there are two types of insects, beneficial and harmful. Let’s take your cucumber for example, black aphids are harmful, meanwhile ladybugs and Parasitoid wasp.

Ladybugs and Parasitoid wasps are great insects, because basically they feed from black aphids, when those two insects are around, black aphids are in big trouble, as they attack them, they solve their hunger and your issue altogether.



You have two choices here, either you attract them by planting their preferable plants which will lead in the future for those insects to be closer and kill the aphids, or you go with the other road which includes buying them.

Insects like Ladybugs and Parasitoid wasp can be found largely in the nursery or online stores, you can expect them as eggs to put them in your garden around cucumber plants.



  •       Solution 02: use natural fungicide to remove black aphids:

As a second and efficient solution, especially when the invasion of tiny black bugs (black aphids) on cucumber plants is extremely widespread, you should use natural fungicides to fight back these harmful pests.

The positive point we take from using natural fungicides is, applying them to your cucumber plant will not repel the beneficial insects. Yet, you must respect the written precautions in the package such as wearing gloves and glasses.



We name few of these fungicides that are considered as a remedy for killing and removing black aphids:

  1. The first one is neem oil, which is considered a great fungicide. To use it, you must apply it on top and on the back of the cucumber leaves, which is their favorite place to hide. Using a spray bottle is more easy to use and also efficient to capture all hidden places.


You should consider spraying the top of the cucumber planting site in order to kill the eggs of aphids and diseases.

  1. The second one is Spinosad, this fungicide is a strong one as it will kill aphids right away, but you cannot expect it to last for long. To use it, spray the same way like neem oil.


Moreover, you should not use those two fungicides at the same time because they don’t work together correctly. Instead, use neem oil on the first day and then spinosad, this will assure you to solve the problem radically.



3 How to prevent tiny black bugs from coming to your cucumber plant:

Solving the issue of tiny black bugs on cucumber plants is good. Yet, the greater thing would be a step ahead from your opponents which are in this case harmful aphids.

There are some actions you can execute on a weekly or monthly basis. These actions can save you both effort and time and help a lot in possible future attacks from these pests. After all, who wouldn’t want to enjoy healthy plants and sweet cucumber fruits in their yard.



Now, here’s a glimpse on what you are capable on doing:


    1_ Care tirelessly with your cucumber: a healthy plant means pests-away plant. When you take care of your cucumber and provide its needs like watering and fertilizer, you will be one step away from making it healthier and stronger when facing harmful aphids. Damaged cucumbers attract aphids, don’t neglect this.


   2_  Plant beneficial attracting plant: doing so will bring good insects to your planting space, there is no harm to grow them around as you will get huge benefits. It’s like protective soldiers you put them there to guard your cucumber plant.

   3_  Take away damaged parts: if you notice that your cucumber is suffering from welting or damaged leaves or so, consider removing it because you’ll avoid a lot of problems.


    4_ Use natural fungicides: another action you can perform is to spray neem oil and spinosad every 7 to 14 days. It is wise to protect your cucumber before any attack can occur from black aphids, spraying top of the planting soil will also kill any hidden eggs or diseases around.

    5_ Use barriers or covers: using thin cover is also a good choice. Covers like nets with very small that allow for sun and air to enter will be perfect in this case, because you are putting some barriers that prevent harmful aphids from damaging your plant.




In brief, when you see tiny black bugs on a cucumber plant, that means they are aphids, these pests are mischievous for cucumbers, they are basically sucking the life from your plant.


Moreover, you can get rid of black aphids on cucumber plants using two methods: bringing beneficial insects like ladybugs, or using natural fungicide like neem oil.


Furthermore, you can always prevent black aphids from coming to your cucumber plant in the first place. To do so keep your plant healthy, cover it with a barrier, use natural fungicide, remove damaged parts, and bring useful insects to your backyard.


If you have other problems with cucumber plants do not hesitate to ask. Or you want to know more information about vegetables feel free to browse and search here, happy gardening.    

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