microwave individual garlic cloves

How to microwave individual garlic cloves? Fastest method ever:

Along you working in the kitchen, you tend always to look for new thing to break the casual cooking rooting, and honestly, no one will blame you for that, so with that been said, you will wonder on how to microwave individual garlic cloves, which is firstly great method to use, and secondly, you can do it by putting the cloves into cup of glass, add water, add olive oil, add salt, set the medium heating, let it for about 6 to 8 minutes, and voilà your cloves are ready for action.



Want more details?, well, we have already covered that, we will discuss everything you may need during the process, and also we will talk about what you need to avoid in order to get tasty snake to enjoy, without any more delays, let’s get to the details:
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microwave individual garlic cloves



1 how to microwave individual garlic cloves step-by-step guide: (roasting way):

Although this is a great way to roast individual garlic cloves, you need to respect some guideline in order to achieve your goal, and for that, by following these steps, you will do just fine.

1 Peel your individual cloves and separate them from each other.
2 Put them in a cup of glass and fill it with water, make sure to immerse all of them into water.
3 Add what suits you with salt, any kind will do the trick.
4 Add a little olive oil to your individual garlic cloves to flavor the taste even more.
5 Cover the cup with a plate or a cover and put it into the microwave.
6 Set the heat under medium, it is an important step to avoid any mess along the way, setting in medium heat will avoid any burning, and it will make sure to have good results, so you should be very cautious with it.
7 Set the timer for about 6 to 8 minutes, by that time you will find that your individual garlic cloves are soft and crunchy with brown bruises, which means that they are ready to get them out.
Let them cool down.
8 Enjoy.




2 how to microwave individual garlic cloves step-by-step guide: (peeling way):

Rather than the previous method, you can also microwave individual garlic cloves to peel them, which is faster method to this, and it will save a lot of time while doing it, in order to achieve that, follow these steps:


1 Separate the garlic clove into individual pieces and put them in a glass plate.
2 Put them into the microwave and set the heat to max.
3 Set the timer between 20 and 30 seconds and let them be.
4 Flip up the individual garlic cloves into the other side and repeat the process one more time for the same conditions.
5 When the vegetables are ready, you will hear some kind of whistling from it, which means it is time to sort them out.
6 Let them cool down for 1 to 2 minutes, you will notice that the papery skin is already taken off, and your individual garlic cloves are popping out.
7 Your vegetables are ready for use.
8 When you hear some exploding, there is no need to worry, as it is a sign of a successful process and means that your cloves are ready.




microwave individual garlic cloves


3 when to microwave individual garlic cloves:

There is no timeline whether to microwave your individual garlic cloves, you can use this method with fresh, dried and also with store bought ones, as all the kinds are suitable for it, you will have no problem dealing with your vegetable, you have only to respect the previous steps as mentioned without any additional imagination, as a result, you will benefit with faster method and also tasty flavor along the journey. full article.





4 why you should microwave individual garlic cloves:

As we stated previously, microwaving individual garlic cloves either for roasting or peeling, you will profit with a lot of benefits, talking about my personal experience, I am a straight to the point dude, I like to do things right away, while using this method provide it to me, I am happy with it, and you should to, because honestly, it save tone of wasted time.


In addition, experiencing new methods to solve your ordinary rooting will give you another boost to love your working even more, not to mention the tasty crunchy individual roasted garlic cloves, which will add great joy to the table.






microwave individual garlic cloves



5 conclusion:


To sum all the previous in one short brief, to microwave the individual garlic cloves for roasting you should, separate the cloves into individuals, put them into a cup of glass, add water until you cover them, add salt, add olive oil, put it into the microwave, set the heat under medium, let it for 6 to 8 minutes, sort them out, let them cool down for 2 minutes, enjoy.


Moreover, to microwave the individual garlic cloves for peeling, separate the cloves, put them into glass plate, set the heat under max, set the timer for about 20 to 30 seconds, repeat the process and flip up your cloves, you will hear some whistle which means that your vegetables are ready.


Additionally, you will benefit from doing these methods saving a lot of time, you will also profit from experiencing new methods to use in your kitchen and also the flavorful tasting when eating your vegetables.


Furthermore, if you like to experience a more joyful journey, you should consider growing it instead, an easy process to do, and also you will have more fresh vegetables in your house all year long, if you liked the topic, or you have other opinions and suggestions, you are welcome to write them below.

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