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Cucumber, the summer plant that loves warmth and thrives in it. Cucumber plants also are heavy feeders, which means they need and consume a lot of nutrients during the growing. While providing nutrients is always a good thing, you may wonder about epsom salt. So, is epsom salt good for cucumber plants?


The answer is yes, epsom salt is good for cucumber plants. This plant loves to be cared for by providing all kinds of nutrients. However, you should know that epsom salt is not for weekly use or a must have for the growing to be done.


In this topic, we will talk about epsom salt, what it is, what it can do, how often you can use it and how, and a lot more.

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1 Why you should use Epsom salt on cucumber plants

There are a lot of conflicting thoughts regarding epsom salt use. Some may say it’s not helpful, some may say it’s not useful, and many more.

First things first. Let’s know what epsom salt is to eliminate any doubt about it.


What is epsom salt:

Epsom salt is a compound that is made from two main elements: sulfate and magnesium.


Sulfate and magnesium are considered secondary macronutrients for plants. The plants need them, but not as much as the amount of mainly three elements that exist in any fertilizer out there. Those three main elements or nutrients are known with this abbreviation: NPK, which refer to: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.


With that being noted, why we use epsom salt on cucumber plants. First of all, cucumbers are heavy feeders. Which means they need and consume a lot of nutrients during the growing phase.

That’s why adding epsom salt to cucumber plants is considered a good act.


Equally important, before you start to use it directly, there are a couple of facts you should acknowledge about. Which will lead to this question: when is it the best time to use epsom salt on cucumber plants…..



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2 When you can use Epsom salt on cucumber plants


The first thing to consider is, using epsom salt is not a problem solver or magic trick to do.

First, you can use epsom salt only on heavy feeders which in this case cucumber plants are included.


Second, you can use epsom salt on your cucumber plants to be sure that your soil has a nutrient deficiency in terms of sulfate and magnesium. Epsom salt is not a complete fertilizer that will suffice your plant needs in all ways, it only contains sulfate and magnesium.


Lastly, you can use epsom salt on cucumber plants during the middle growing season, and just when your cucumber starts to grow fruits and develop them.


In addition, here’s the crucial question that may either develop or hurt your cucumber plant……..


3 How often do you use epsom salt on cucumber plants

Now that you know what epsom salt is, what it does and when you use it. However, the frequency of using is also as important as knowing all that we mentioned earlier. So, how often do you use epsom salt on cucumber plants?


If you are growing cucumber plants in the ground AKA your garden or backyard, then you should know that using it twice would be enough. One during the middle of growing season will be enough, and one more application just before your cucumber plants start to develop the fruits.


Moreover, if you are growing cucumber plants in containers, you can apply in the middle of growing season, and twice in the month during the fruit production phase.


Take into account that, the application of epsom salt on cucumber plants in containers is allowed if there are no chemical fertilizers in use, because those ones do contain those two elements in most cases. If you are using organic fertilizer that does not contain magnesium and sulfate you can add epsom salt to the mix without any worry.


Another important note to take, reading fertilizers packages and knowing what elements do contain will be wise things to do. By doing this step, you’ll avoid a lot of unnecessary issues.

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4 How much Epsom salt do you put in a cucumber plant?

Another big question may occur to you which is how much epsom salt you can put or use on cucumber plants?

The best way to make sure you are using epsom salt in the proper way is to add 1 big tablespoon to one gallon of water. Epsom salt will dilute rapidly in the water and you can use it right away.


I know that there are a lot of recommendations and ways of using epsom salt like spreading it above the soil or around the plant. From my own experience, I can only tell you that I am comfortable only with diluted epsom salt in water, by this way you can be sure that you are not applying too much from it and you can control the amount of water before applying.


5 How to use epsom salt on cucumber plants

To use epsom salt on cucumber plants start like this:

  1. Prepare one gallon of water in the watering can.
  2. Add 1 tablespoon (ordinary type) to the water.


  1. Mix it and let it be for 5 minutes.
  2. Start watering around your cucumber plants and make sure that the amount does not exceed approximately one cup of the mix.
  3. Water in the first morning or late evening.


Additionally, you should respect the amount either of epsom salt or watering quantity. By doing both actions correctly you will notice such good results.

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6 Extra notes on using epsom salt on cucumber plants

Like we stated in the beginning, there are many thoughts on using epsom salt on plants. Let’s talk when you can and can’t use it on cucumber plants.


You can’t use epsom salt on cucumber plants in these cases:

Replace it with fertilizer and treat it like it is one. Fertilizers are a must that your plant will need the necessary nutrients to grow and produce fruit. You cannot replace it with epsom salt.


Applying it weekly or monthly on plants. Simply you cannot do that because adding too much epsom salt will make the roots of any plant incapable to absorb any nutrient, so you should avoid that.


Applying it when you notice yellowing leaves or yellow edges. You cannot do that because yellow may indicate a lot of things. Instead, applying a nitrogen solution will do the trick.

 Applying it when you are using chemical fertilizers that already have these elements in them.


You can use epsom salt in these cases:

  • You are aware that your soil has a nutrient deficiency.
  •  You have tested your soil as an extra precaution.
  •   When you are planting new cucumber seedlings.
  •  You are using organic fertilizers that do not contain magnesium and sulfate.





In short, epsom salt is good to use on cucumber plants. You can use it when you know that your soil has deficiency in terms of magnesium and sulfate, and also because cucumber plants are needy for nutrients.


In addition, the best time to add epsom salt on cucumber plants is in the middle growing season and just before fruit development. You can apply it twice a year regarding outside and ground cucumbers. In case of cucumbers in containers you can add in the mid-season, and then twice during fruit production.


Moreover, to use epsom salt on cucumbers add one tablespoon in one gallon of water and sip approximately a cup of the mix around the plant. Preferably in the morning or at night when the weather is cooler.


Additionally, if you liked this topic there are plenty of them regarding cucumbers and other plants and fruits, make sure to read them until you fall asleep my friend, happy gardening.

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