is purple garlic bad?

is purple garlic bad? a bullet proof to you

When you have some garlic at your hand, or along taking a tour in the supermarket, you may face purple color in it, so is that means purple garlic bad?, the answer is absolutely not, in fact the purple color is indicator that you have healthy and well mature full of nutrients in it, although the purple color is considered the color of the skin of cloves with a papery cover, all cloves combined form the bulb or the garlic itself.


For this reason particularly, we have already covered all the aspects that you may wonder about with your purple garlic, and also the most important thing is how to know that you have good plants in your hand and what other signs may indicate to you, so stay tuned for further useful tips, and now straight forward to the point:





is purple garlic bad?


1 why my garlic is turning purple ?

Like we said earlier, the purple color in the papery skin of the cloves is an absolute indicator about the good health of your plant, when seeing your plant starting to turn into the purple color which is ok, the main reason is most likely depends on the type of your garlic, like we know there are many types in this great plant, the purple skin of cloves is a sign that you have hardneck garlic, this kind is known with this color when it is at full maturity.



2 How can you tell if purple garlic is bad?:

there are specific steps to identify and tell either if your purple garlic is bad or good, for this reason you should do the following, and you will be in safe zone:



  1. when you have the purple garlic, you should feel with your hands that the vegetable is solid and firm, you must find also that it has crispy shape and not soft one.
  2. close the purple garlic to your nose and smell it, you will find that it has mildly smelling, which is a good indicator for healthy bulbs.
  3. see with your eyes that your purple does not contain any brown colors or yellow or some unnatural look in it, you should only see the white color mixed with purple, that means that you have a good one in your hand.


Instead from above, the purple garlic in its shape and when is cured, it is rarely when it will be wilted or corrupt expect only when stored in inappropriate conditions.



is purple garlic bad?



3 is purple garlic safe to eat?:


Of course, purple garlic is safe to eat, as it is also healthy vegetable if you have recipes in your mind that you want to sue it also, the great thing about purple garlic is the strong mildly flavor that will add a great additional to your meals, so you should be fine by eating it or using it also.




4 I have pink garlic cloves? What does that means :


like we said previously, there are many types in the family of garlic, so when you see pink garlic cloves it should be fine, and there is nothing to worry about, it is important to realize that either the purple or pink color, they both are considered the colors of the papery skin only, it is not the actual color of the clove, which is surprisingly enough, all the cloves has the same color in the inside.




is purple garlic bad?



5 conclusion:



in a short brief for the previous, the purple garlic isn’t bad, in fact it is a good indicator about the healthiness and the good amount of nutrients and also the strong mildly flavor in the vegetable itself, when you see that your bulb is turning purple it is most likely that you have hardneck garlic type, this vegetable is safe to eat and uses in any dish you like.



In addition, to identify that you have good purple garlic, you should see if it has any bruises/brown color, after that smell it, and also feel it with your hand to confirm the solid and firm shape, all the previous are the necessary steps for good vegetable.



Furthermore, if you want to feel and enjoy with more exiting journey you should consider growing it instead, easy and delightful thing to do, not to mention the great felling about growing your own food, like we said always, opinions and questions are welcome, happy gardening.

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