how to make garlic oil for hair

how to make garlic oil for hair? read about the this great vegetable.

Garlic has been used for many years in various ways rather than just cooking and eating it. Can you actually believe that it can help your hair growth !!, just by making garlic oil with simple steps, with that been said, to make garlic oil for hair growth: slice and crush 2 cloves after peeling them, put them in coconut/castor oil, you can either heat it immediately or leave the mix for week to soak, both ways does the job, after that filter the mix and put the oil in small bottle for easy use.



Additionally, if you would like to know more about how to apply and what’s the necessary procedure for best results, you should read below because we have already covered what you may need during your journey, without further delays, let’s get to the main subject.

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how to make garlic oil for hair



1 how to make garlic oil for hair step-by-step guide:


To demonstrate this process with more many details, we will talk about both ways either by heating or by leaving it to soak, you should be aware that both ways are quite do well, and they will extract the necessary nutrients from this vegetable, to do this, follow these steps, and you should do just fine:


  1. Grab two cloves and peel them, after that crush them with a fork or using a mincer as it is a great tool to turn these cloves into the shape of purée which is exactly what you are looking for.
  2. Decide what oil you want to use here, I can only suggest to you two kind, and you have the choice of choosing one of them, as those oils are both great to use, put two big spoons in a jar/cup of glass from the coconuts/castor oil, you should know that the amount of oil is depends on how much do you need, just make sure that it is more than the crushed cloves in order to prevent any kind of smell.
  3. Put the crushed cloves into the oil and start mixing and pressing it in order to help to extract the nutrients from it completely.
  4. After you mix the purée with oil, you have two options: you can heat the mix in a pan until you notice the brown color is starting to form, by that time you should take it off the fire and let it rest to cool down.
  5. The other option you have is after crushing these cloves and mixing them with oil, let it rest for a week, this will also help with extracting the necessary nutrients from your vegetable.
  6. When the previous part is finished, it is time to filter this paste in a filtering paper or some white clean fabric will do the job, squeeze with your hand to let the oil leak into the jar or bottle, when you finish, your garlic oil is ready to use for your hair.




2 how to apply garlic juice to your hair:

At first glance, you may think that you should put this oil into your hair without any technique, or just applying it for your whole hair, well, wait a second, yes it is an easy process, but you should do the following steps:


  1. Grab the flask, and dip your fingertips into the oil, after that put them into your scalp in the roots of your hair, after that start massaging your head with small circular movement, in the meantime move your fingers horizontally until the back of your head.
  2. Repeat the process and frequently apply your fingers in the oil to make sure that you are distributing it all over your scalp, you can apply as much as you like, there is no need to apply it all at one time.
  3. After finishing the massaging part, you should wait for about 15 minutes, during this time you will feel a small tingling and sensation on your head, so there is no need to worry about it, actually you should enjoy it as it is a unique feeling to experience.
  4. After this period passes, you should wash your head with your favorite shampoo, and you are done.



how to make garlic oil for hair



3 Why you should use garlic oil for hair:


As you may know, this vegetable is rich in nutrients that will encourage and help your scalp and of course your hair, while wondering about efficiently of garlic oil on hair growth, you should be aware that it contain calcium, zinc and sulfur also, which are basically the basis of keratin, with that been said, this will leave no doubt about the benefits of this vegetable. Full article.


As an additional profit from using it, you will also help for fighting dandruff as it is sometimes a frustrating issue that may affect many people, so getting it off from your shoulder is considered another extra benefit for using it, take into account that you can always use shampoos that are made from it as another option to solve this issue.




4 can I leave garlic oil on my hair overnight:

Although garlic oil is good for your hair growth, it is not recommended that you leave it on your hair all night, because you will fight all night long with the annoying smell during that time, so what you should do is, apply it like we mentioned previously in order to get good results.





how to make garlic oil for hair


5 Conclusion:



To summarize the previous, to make garlic oil for hair growth: crush two cloves and put them in coconuts oil, leave it for one week, filter the mix with filter paper, after that your oil is ready to use, to use it, put your fingers in it and start massaging your hair roots and your scalp, repeat the process until you complete with the target place, leave it for 15 minutes, after that wash your hair.


Additionally, you should consider using garlic oil for hair, because it has many nutrients like zinc, calcium and also sulfur, which they will promote and help your hair to grow and also be strong from its roots, you should not leave it on your hair all night long, because you will suffer from the smell which is not a thing anyone wants, you can also use shampoos that are made basically from it.


Furthermore, if you like to have more fresh garlic in your house, you should consider growing it instead, an easy thing to do, not to mention the joy along the ride. I hope you enjoyed this topic, other opinions and suggestions are always welcome below.

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