how to make dragon fruit tea

How to make dragon fruit flower tea? is it even possible ?!!

What is known for most people is the dragon fruit can be eaten as a raw fruit or some prepared dish with it, thinking about how to make dragon fruit flower tea will be some pauses here to over thinking about the possibility of existence of such a thing, is it possible?, the answer is yes, you can easily make dragon fruit tea, not from the fruit itself, you will be using here the flowers of the plant.

To demonstrate and explain the process even further, we will discuss in this topic about what you will do in order to make this wonderful tea, what are the benefits of making it, without any further delay, let’s jump into our journey.

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how to make dragon fruit flower tea



1 How to make dragon fruitflower  tea

In the light of the process of making pitaya tea, you will be needed for some simple things to perform the most successful and satisfying results, with this in mind, you should follow this steps:


 Collecting the dragon fruit flower for tea

First, you must have the flowers of pitaya, you can have those by collecting them from someone that is already had this plant, the collecting process is simply to pick them from the plant, the best time to pick the flowers ideally, is after 4 to 5 days from harvesting the pitaya fruits, by that time the flowers will be relatively shriveled, to know that the flowers are ready for picking, you will notice that the neck of them is starting to turn into yellow.

To pick them, hold the neck by your hands and start moving it slightly left and right, by doing that you will see the flowers are already out, you should let the stamen of the flowers and not cutting it, because it will help to reproduce the fruits, you can collect as much as you need.


 Cleaning the dragon fruit flowers for tea

Now you have your pitaya flowers, it is the time of cleaning them, because you cannot use them in by this natural look immediately, you must slough the hairy stuff that is inside the flowers, toe the line by following :

Grab the flower in your hand and open it nicely, you will find some hairy yellow stuff in there, you must remove them by holding them and pull with little force, ensure to remove the fluffy stuff as you will not benefit from them in any kind, repeat this process for the other flowers like the first one.


Drying the dragon fruit flowers for tea:

Making pitaya tea will require dried flowers, after you have done the cleaning process you must dry them, to do that:

Tie the flowers with wires in the necks of them, you can either deploy them or simply putting them in a sunny place, to avoid any additional headaches, using wires is a good choice, because honestly you don’t want that the wind to take your flowers away, so you should hang them in the doorway or in your garden or even in your kitchen windowsill from the outside, here you must make sure only that the space is airy and sunny.

Your dried flowers should be ready in proximally 4 to 6 days, by that time you will notice that they are already dried from the fluids, and you will notice some black spots as it is something normal, and there is nothing to worry about.



how to make dragon fruit flower tea



 Making dragon fruit flower tea steps

Now that you have the prepared dried flowers, you will need the cup where you want to prepare your tea, some boiled water, and some additional things you may add along with your pitaya tea, notice that drinking this tea all alone will be as great as the fruit itself without any add, but if you want to do so, it will be ok.

To make the tea, follow this:


  1. By using cuttings scissors, cut the dried flowers into small pieces, to hold these pieces you may put some texture to collect all of them in one place.
  2. Put the flower pieces in the cup.
  3. You can add additional herbs such as ginger to make it even better and healthier, the sugar is not needed but if you attend to add it there is no harm by doing that.
  4. Now it is time for the boiled water and mix it with the spoon.
  5. Let the ingredients rest fot 3-5 minutes to ensure that the herbs secrete all their beneficial contents.
  6. Now you can either drink it directly as it is, or collect and extract the small pieces, it is all up to you.
  7. Enjoy with your tea.




2 Benefits of making dragon fruit flower tea:

Besides the great beneficial and the flavorful sweetie taste of the pitaya tea, you can make the preparation of it even beneficial to you by evolving the children to do it with you, such as letting them help you in the flowers collecting, or the flowers cleaning, you will have more fun than doing all things by yourself, as it will be an exciting and helpful journey to them, like how to do it, how to prepare it, and also the importance of staying healthy and protect their body, a very good thing if you asked me. read about best dragon fruit varieties.


how to make dragon fruit flower tea



3 Conclusion

To sum up all the above, making pitaya fruit flower tea is a thing, and it can be done easily, to prepare it, you should be having fresh flowers were just picked up from the tree, after that dry them, in the final step you can add or not some additions like you wish along with the flower cuttings, plus of course the hot water.

With all that been said, you can enjoy even more if you grow it instead rather than collecting other flowers, simple and easy thing to do, if you like this topic about pitaya tea, I will be happy if I heard your opinions about it.

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