how to get rid of black aphids on chives

how to get rid of black aphids on chives? here’s how:

Having problem with little black bugs hanging around in your garden, and wondering about how to get rid of black aphids on chives?, easy, the fastest solution is using soaping solutions on them right away, if you don’t have it, you can fight those black bugs using prepared water mixed with dishwasher soap in a scuttle, start throwing the mix slowly on your plant until the black bugs start falling, it should take only few minutes to handle, after that you can wash them with clean water without any effects neither the growing nor the taste of your plant.

In addition, to explain the solution even further, you will find an easy guide on that, and also other ways to help your black chives and prevent the black aphids from coming to your plant in the first place, without any delays, let’s get into details.

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how to get rid of black aphids on chives

1 how to identify black aphids on chives:

when you notice that your plant is starting to weaken without any obvious reason, most likely it is pests problem, in our case, you want to know how to identify those black aphids on chives, you should know that those bugs are tiny little creatures with a shape of quarter inch, they are typically live under sucking the nutrients from the stem or leaves of your plant, if you don’t fight them in the first sight, they can multiply a lot, by that time they will harm your plant significantly.

Furthermore, to know that your chives are attacked by black aphids, you should look in between the stems and leaves of your plant, and see with your eyes if you find any in there, generally they will be crowded in one place in hidden places, but to make sure you should look to the whole plant.


2 how to get rid of black aphids on chives step-by-step guide


like we mentioned previously, using soaping solution on black chives should be perfect to eliminate those black bugs from them, although, you can prepare this mix in your home with simple ingredient such as dishwasher soap and water only, to do so, follow this:


1. Get a scuttle and put in it cool water and mix it with liquid dishwasher soap, you should put 5 ml in 1 litter of cold water, adding organic baking soda will be good companion to the mix also.
2. mix them and start spraying your plants with a small pail around it, make sure to throw it on those black bugs to ensure you apply good cleaning.

3. let it rest for a while, after that grab a powerful hose and start washing your plant by aiming to the black aphids, the cold water most likely will shock them and throw them away, ensure that you don’t hurt your plant while doing that, your eyes is your balance.
4. apply this process with two times a week for 15 days, you should be eliminating all those black aphids on chives by that time.



how to get rid of black aphids on chives

3 other solutions to get rid of black bugs on chives:

as you may know, there is also more efficient solutions with a great results, what is more beautiful about these products is about less time-consuming, and for sure you will be noticeable results, you can choose any from Neem oil, insecticidal soaps, and horticultural oils, as they all do the same job which is killing those black bugs that suck the life and the beauty of your plant.


Furthermore, if you are considering using these pests sprays, you should be aware there is no effect on your plant in shape of the growing or the taste when picking later, you should only avoid the blooming time.




4 how to avoid black aphids on chives in the first place:

like any gardener wants, preventing black aphids on chives should be your first concern, for this purpose there is a lot of solution in your hands, the easiest one is growing companion plants that attract the insects who feed on those black bugs, fighting the nature by nature is always great solutions, you can grow dill for example or coriander, because they will attract those beneficial insects such as ladybugs.

In addition, you can prevent them from coming to your garden by providing the perfect growing conditions to your plant, what attract black aphids is dry soil, what you should do is making sure that soil is always moisture and has enough water in it.

how to get rid of black aphids on chives


to summarize the above, to get rid of black aphids on chives you should apply soap solutions such as insecticidal soap, if you don’t have it, you can exchange it with homemade one(water+ liquid soap) and spray it on them and wash them with cold water, you can prevent those black bugs by inviting beneficial insects, you can help your plant by providing perfect growing conditions.


In the final analysis, if you are already growing it, well done, if not you should grow it with the easiest steps here, great benefits and provide such beautiful green insight to you all day, like always, opinions and suggestions are welcome to hear below, don’t be shy, happy gardening.

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