how to eat garlic for immune system

how to eat garlic for immune system?

When you got cold or common flu, you want for sure to get rid of it immediately, while you have the cure in your house, and you even don’t know about that, so do you know how to eat garlic for immune system ?, you have various ways to do that, either eating it as a raw or eating it as cooked along with another meals, which will help you to fight cold and also flu in lesser time than you think.


Additionally, to demonstrate this topic even further, we have already chosen to you all what you may need to improve immune system by eating garlic, and also the best times to do that, without any more delays, let’s get to the point.


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how to eat garlic for immune system


1   3 ways to eat garlic for immune system:



like we mentioned in the beginning, eating garlic when sick or when you have flu or cold is considered great choice to fight those ills, in order to get the most beneficial uses from this vegetable, here are the top 3 ways to eat it:


1 chew it: if you are used to strong flavors of this vegetable, you have the choice of eating it directly, you should peel the clove, put it in your mouth, and start sewing it right away, do not swallow it, let it hand in your mouth and ensuring that you have sliced it into small pieces, this process is important because it will help produce allicin, after 5 to 10 minutes you can swallow it.


2 eat with honey: there are many people who can’t handle that strong and spicy flavor of this vegetable, which is totally ok and also normal, the alternative is grab the clove, peel it, start crushing it or cutting it using sharp knife or garlic mincer, let it rest for 10 to 15 minutes, after that mix it with one spoon of honey, and eat it right away, this will be a good option to benefit from it.



how to eat garlic for immune system


3 add to meals: the alternative option from the previous, is adding it to your soups and stews, what you should is cut the clove and mince it, let it rest for 10 minutes, after that add it to your soup when it is almost ready, this will ensure that you have the good nutrient in it and not ruined with the heat of cooking.



2 why you should eat garlic for immune system:


still have doubts?, there is a lot of garlic immune system studies that proven the effectivity of it against flu and cold such as this; the other good thing about this vegetable is an easy option for you sitting just in the corner of your kitchen, the other thing is that you are eating natural solving problem for flu and cold, which will come handy in any way you may think of.


In addition, you will have additional benefits while eating garlic either when sick or in casual state, such as lowering the blood pressure and help your body to fight against viruses and other harmful ills, which is more than often a great choice when you eat it.




3 eating garlic for immune system will prevent the following ills:


while eating this vegetable will help your immune system to be stronger than before, you will be able also to prevent or reduce the possibility of catching flu and common cold during their seasons, there are also other benefits such as stress problems, which it can be sometimes very annoying without handling.




how to eat garlic for immune system 2

4 conclusion



to sum up the previous, eating garlic for immune system will help a lot to fight flu and common cold, to do that you can eat it just raw by chewing it directly for 5 to 10 minutes, after that swallow it, you can also mince it and add it to honey and eat it, the third option is cut it and let it rest for 10 minutes, after that add it to your soups when it is almost finished, this is to ensure that it has allicin it that will help you a lot.


Additionally, you will have another great benefits which will be allowing your body to prevent those ills from happening in the first place along helping with lowering the blood pressure and stress for whom suffering from those.


Furthermore, if you want to have great amount of fresh garlic in your house you should consider growing it instead, easy plant to grow and care, and also more joyful journey to experience, if you have opinions and suggestions feel free to write below.

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