how to dry chives in the microwave

how to dry chives in the microwave ?great, here’s how:

Along your day in the kitchen or in the garden, you always tend to use chives in your meals and side dishes, however, sometimes there is no immediate need for it at that time, so you may consider dry chives in the microwave, you have the right to do so, choosing this way will save time and effort in the future, and for sure the great flavor of it, so how do you dry chives in the microwave?.


To demonstrate the process even further, we will discuss everything you will need to dry your herb in easiest and safest way by using the microwave, also you will find additional tips to benefit from your herb completely, so straightforward to the details.

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how to dry chives in the microwave



1 Is it safe to dry chives in the microwave?

As kitchen women you always want to provide the healthier food for your table, which means using healthy steps with your food, with that been said, you will ask yourself crucial and important question, is using microwave to dry herbs is good and healthy?, although this process considered safe and good, but are all the herbs are equal to treat ?, of course not, you should handle any herb by its characteristics, so is it safe to dry chives in the microwave?, the answer is absolutely yes, and let me explain why:

in the first place, you must respect the safe conditions to dry chives successfully in the microwave, by using only glass plates or vessels, and also if you are using towels or papers, you want to make sure to stay away from any recycled ones during the process, because it may have some tiny shreds of metals in it, which will cause if used fire, using ordinary paper towels is ideal and safe.





2 how to dry chives in the microwave step-by-step guide:

like we explained previously, if you are doing the right steps, you will dry chives in microwave in the safest way, to do so follow these steps:

  1. Wash your herb with clean water and wipe them.
  2. hold your herb in your hand and start distributing the leaves into small pieces, you can use knife doing this part as it will not harm neither the herb itself nor the flavor.
  3. put a glass plate and above it a paper towel, expend the small pieces of your herb and cover it with another paper.
  4. put the previous in the microwave.
  5. set the temperature to 400° Fahrenheit and set the timer into 90 seconds.
  6. sort them out when it is finished, by that time you should find extra crispy pieces and breaks when you touch them, if not consider returning them in there for extra 30 second to make sure they are well dried.




3 how long can last the dried chives from the microwave?

The beneficial thing that you will have if you are drying chives in the microwave is long lifetime, which means your herb can last for 2 years in the still room if you are respecting the saving measures, you can anticipate the life of your herb up to one additional year, in the absence of any spoilage or any rot of any kind.

To explain even more, the good conditions for best storing and long period life, you should put your microwave’s dried chives in a cool place, without any humidity in there, using a still room or a pantry closet will be perfect to avoid any exposure.





4 can you dry chives in the microwave with the store bought ones ?

Like we know, not all people are growing this herb in their homes, so typically you buy it from the supermarket, but are you using it completely?, in some ways you don’t, so you want to dry them, but can you dry chives in the microwave from the store bought ones?, the answer is yes.

Even thought, we want you to benefit from this herb the most, so you must ensure that what you are buying is fresh or at least look glowing in the green color, this is because to preserve the most fluids that the herb contain, and also to preserve the color and the flavor when drying chives in microwave, picky is always good. read about drying chives in dehydrator.



how to dry chives in the microwave



5 how to use and store your dried chives from the microwave:

now that you have your dried chives from the microwave, it is time to store them, here generally, you have two options:

  1. Firstly you can preserve your herbs as it form, which leans keeping it without any change in the jar or pitcher.
  2. secondly you can crush those dried leaves in the grind them with the pestle, you can even use a coffee grinder if you have it as it is suitable and good to transform your herb into powder in the fastest way.

These methods will preserve the flavor and make it easy to use in the future, using still room will be even better choice for the life of your dried herb.


how to dry chives in the microwave


6 conclusion:

in a short brief from the above, using microwave to dry chives is safe if you are respecting the necessary conditions mentioned previously, when using microwave use always glass plates and ordinary papers, to dry them clean your herb first, the best temperature is 400° F for 90 seconds, the result is crispy herb without any water in it.

This method is great as it is fast and keep either the flavor and color of your herb, you can use the store bought one also, to store them you can either put them as they are or crush them as a powder, this method can save the life of your herb up to 2 years, if the conditions are ideal it can extend to 3 years.

Furthermore, if you want to benefit with your herb with more much great way, you should consider growing chives in your garden or indoor, easy thing to do, and more enjoyable from just buying it like ordinary things, if you like the topic or have other opinions and suggestions, you are welcome to share below.


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