How much space do bush cucumbers plants need? Hint: not as big as you think…

There are a lot of people who love and enjoy gardening and growing cucumber plants. Yet, the space of the growing site might be tight and small. This will lead you to think about bush cucumbers plant variety. Bush cucumbers are a good option, but how much space do bush cucumbers plants need in your garden?


Bush cucumber plant varieties do need a small space, from 10 to 12 inches (1 feet at least) between each plant in rows especially when you’re using support to help your bush cucumbers grow straight upward, you’ll save more space than you let it grow without the support and thus take more space.


Equally important, when you deal with such a variety as bush cucumbers plants, knowing their features like how tall they get and why we do such spacing. Along with other useful info you’ll need with your journey with this little beauty.


For this matter, you’ll find everything you need about bush cucumbers spacing and to get the most of your space for a better yielding. After all, we all love to see the benefits of our actions that we’ve made. In this case, more bush cucumbers, therefore more fruits.

You’ll find in this topic:


1 Can you grow bush cucumbers plants in a small place?

Bush cucumbers plants are designed to be small. That’s what makes them different from cucumbers vine varieties. You wonder, can I grow bush cucumbers plants in such small place? The answer is yes. Of course you can, that’s the nature of the bushy cucumber variety, to grow and thrive in small places.


Like we stated earlier, you can put 1 foot between bush cucumbers as the least space you can do right? But remember, as long as you respect supporting your plants and train them to grow upward, the 1 foot will be sufficient.


Additionally, you must not confuse between the proper bushy cucumber spacing using support, and without doing the support.

If you neglect the stakes, whatever you decide to use either steel or wired pillar, you must either provide more space because your bush cucumber will crawl in the ground along with the season start running, or your plant will suffer from overcrowding and lack of air, lack of sunlight, and lack of everything.

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Moreover, if you are still wondering why we do all these kinds of regulations and spacing and such on orders and measurements. Here’s why ….


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2 Why do you space between bush cucumber plants?

First thing to take into consideration is, as long as you provide space to your bush cucumber plants, they will thrive and grow in a more comfortable and convenient environment. You’ll notice your plant is acting like it’s happy!!! Wow. Here are the things that why your plant love space:



1 More space means more room for bush cucumber to grow and expand: Despite that bush cucumbers do not produce that much of vines and leaves like vine cucumbers, your bushy plant will be a more appropriate environment to grow and thrive.


2 Your plant will be exposed more to sunlight exposure: when you provide that enough space for bushy cucumbers they will be more in a situation that absorbs the energy from sunlight during the day, thus more operations going on inside, therefore more growth, more fruits, more benefits to you. more on this here.


3 More space allows for more air to flow: another good thing to not neglect on doing bushy cucumber spacing is letting the air get in and turn in between the leaves and around the stem. Air is the main source of life for any kind of creature including plants. Lack of air means lack of operations going on inside, therefore diminished growth, and that’s not something you want of course.


4 Spacing allows for proper nutrition: when you take up enough space, you are doing another good thing which is allowing your plant to absorb the nutrients that are deep and around the main stem.

 If the site was crowded with plenty of cucumbers then there will be more close to a fight for feeding. You’re making your plant suffer and struggle with other plants in order to absorb the nutrients for growth, for flowers, and for fruits developments. Spacing is important because of this.


5 Diminish disease infection: another great thing why you respect bush cucumber spacing is to diminish disease infection. Cucumber varieties are sensible to diseases. The infection could spread in a matter of days and destroy your whole collection. Spacing will at least leave the infected plant infected alone, it’s like confinement precautions, to avoid unnecessary contact with other plants.


6 For better fruit production: lastly, when you respect the spacing and all the other conditions, you’ve done all the absolute procedures that lead to maximum fruit production possible for your bush cucumbers. That’s why spacing is important.


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3 Can you plant 2 bush cucumber plants together in a small space?

When you have tight space in your garden, you are under circumstances to get the most use of this space. But, can you plant two bush cucumber plants in a small space? You can do it as long as you respect 1 feet apart from plant to plant plus support for upward growing.


Let’s take a space that it’s dimensions is 26*26 inches for example, you can plant in such space up to 3 bush cucumber plants while making sure for the 12 inches in between. You can make this example successful by planting in a circular way while spacing like we mentioned.


In addition, when you plant bush cucumbers together in a small space, ensure to provide enough water for moisture, and enough nutrients that suffuse both or all plant’s needs.  If you do so, you’ll not have any issue neither regarding the growing nor fruits production during the season.


You can also consider trying growing bush cucumbers in containers to get the use of other spaces such as windows and balconies for example.


4 How big do bush cucumber plants get?

Bush cucumbers are dwarf plants. The height you can expect them to be in terms of tall growth is from 4 to 5 feet. Bush cucumbers do not grow as its peers, which are vine cucumbers that produce too many leaves in all ways.


Moreover, if you train your bush cucumbers properly to grow up and not on the sides, you’ll be saving more space to allow you to grow other plants next to it.


Additionally, there is an exception from bush variety which is a burpless variety that looks like vine cucumbers in leaf growth and expansion. This bush burpless variety can be as big as 24 feet wide, so you must be sure of the variety you’re choosing before planting.


In the meanwhile, the rest types of bush cucumbers which includes: bush champion, bush salad, and spacemaster bush are similar in their tall growth that is between 4 to 5 feet max.


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5 How you do bush cucumbers plants spacing the right way

Whether you are planting the seeds of bush cucumber plants directly or you are planting small transplant bush cucumbers, the method of spacing is the same as long as you provide and supply all the needs of your plants.


This is How far apart to plant bush cucumbers in the garden.

Here’s the simple and easy way to do it:

  1. The first thing to do is to prepare the rows in your garden. With garden shovels make rows which are far apart from each other with about 1.5 feet (18 inches). 1 foot is sufficient but you must add 6 inches just in case.


  1. It is preferable to prepare the seeds in starting cells which give you more control on the growing plus it will produce the roots in a way more suitable for growing. Remember that planting directly in soil is also a good option when the planting site is plenty with nutrients.


  1. Before planting, with your finger point the places which you’re going to sow by respecting the space of 1 feet between each hole. Do this for all the rows you’ve prepared.
  2. Plant your seeds/transplant in the holes.


  1. After approximately 45 days you’ll notice that bush cucumbers are growing heavy, which forces us to put the stakes in order to train the plants to grow up. Put a stake on every bush plant and tie the main stem of each one of them with it.


  1. After a few days you’ll observe that your plants have lined up in an organized way that allows for all the conditions such as sun, air, water to be in space without any problem.


Taking these points, you’ve applied successful bush cucumber spacing and you’ll soon have too much cucumber fruits such as the vine cucumber variety. You can harvest the fruits when they reach 6 inches tall because these fruits will not grow as big as the vine variety.




To sum all this info, bush cucumber plant varieties do need about 12 inches apart when you help it with sticks, if not your plant will need 3 feet because it will crawl in the ground. You can grow in a small space only if you do the staking. You can also grow 2 bush cucumbers together as long as you supply them with nutrients.


It is important to realize that bush cucumber spacing will give these benefits: air flow, sunlight, diminish disease, more fruits, and proper feeding. You can expect your bush cucumber to grow in height from 4 to 5 feet except bush burpless that can grow as wide as vine cucumbers.


Additionally, you can space bush cucumbers in the garden by: drawing rows, planting seeds 1 feet apart, providing support after a month and a half, and taking care of it of course. By doing so, you’ll enjoy the fruits that you should collect when they reach 6 inches in length.


Moreover, if you enjoyed this topic tell me about it, if not, tell me also to learn. There are other topics that talk about cucumbers, take a look and tell me again. Happy gardening.

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