article about easy guide for growing garlic plant at home for beginners and care tips

easy guide for growing garlic plant at home for beginners and care tips:

The popularity of the using garlic by famous kitchen chefs or public restaurant is increasing day after day, for us gardeners, we will think about growing garlic plant at home or in our space garden, because really, when you see master chefs using garlic in their famous recipes, you will know for sure the importance of having this plant in your hands, testing it, trying to grow it, and plenty things to do with.



Now, if you are planning to explore with this experience of growing garlic plant at your home, you will know that you must know some information to be successful with your process of planting this kind of plant.


Talking about me personally, when I want to grow some plant, I simply must have the full knowledge to ensure that I will accomplish my planned goal, and if you are also like me, let me take you with me in a tour in order to answer the most common questions about growing garlic plant at home, and how to solve the problems you may face along your journey, let’s start with it :


you will find in this article:





article about easy guide for growing garlic plant at home for beginners and care tips



Can you grow garlic plant in the spring or winter ?

The best time for growing garlic plant for most types of garlic is in the early winter season, which is late November and early days of December, this time will be perfect for garlic to let it extend and make strong roots to make it along the cold coming frost, however, there are some varieties that it can be planted in the spring in March.


Can you grow garlic plant indoor in pots ?


Growing garlic plant indoor in pot is possible, and it can be done easily, you just have to make sure to provide your plant whatever required needs for best results such as the best soil and sunlight exposure.


Is garlic easy to grow?


Growing garlic plant is a hardy plant, that will need from you almost zero concern about maintenance care, even beginners with the right guidance will do pretty well when trying growing garlic plant, and I am sure you will do as well.


Does garlic need full sun?


Growing garlic plant require the full sunlight exposure, and that is to ensure you grow big bulbs firstly, and secondly to have most flavorful one to harvest and use, however, it is also can be grown in shady spaces, but you will not be much happier with the results in form of shape and taste, it will produce smaller bulbs from the ones that is grown in full sunlight spot.


How long does garlic take to grow at home?


Well, the garlic plant is considered a long season plant until you can harvest it, it will take up to 8 to 9 months, so let’s say you planted your garlic bulbs in November, that means you will harvest them in June or July, long time indeed, but you will not be disappointed with the results for sure.


1 growing garlic plant at home:


in order to grow garlic plant at home, you must take into consideration choosing the right type of garlic to grow, and this is because of the weather, generally there are two most common types of garlic:


Softneck garlic : this one that you will find it the supermarkets and stores, this type need some warmth weather or mild as well, to produce and do well along the growing season, the reason why people choose this one because it produces a lot of cloves in one bulb, as it more suitable for home planting, you may consider the ones sold in the supermarkets not preferable to use for planting, the good option is to go the nearest garden store and buy it from there, you will see more much better results from it.


Hardneck garlic: this type is can be grown in the colder temperature and do well as well, the only negative point in this type is the productivity of it is much lesser than the previous one, it will produce around 8 to 10 cloves per one bulb.


Best soil for growing garlic plant :


The suitable soil type for this plant will be well-drained, it is recommended that the chosen site for planting garlic to fertile, cleaned from grass and the harmful plants, and also you should prepare your soil by loosen it with small shovel to help the plant’s roots to extend deeper in the cold winter.


Best fertilizer for growing garlic plant at garden:


In order to see best results with your garlic plant, your soil must be rich with the good nutrients, which is in this case organic matters, you can provide your plant with that by choosing a good aged fertilizer to do the job, this will help it along the heavy winter.



article about easy guide for growing garlic plant at home for beginners and care tips

steps of planting garlic :

1 prepare your cloves from the bulb and divide them as many as you want to plant.

2 prepare the beds in the soil, make sure you already prepared the mixture of soil and moist like we mentioned before.

3 put the cloves in the beds by putting one clove in each time and leaving a space between them around 20 to 30 cm, you should place the cloves vertically, as the largest part is embedded in the soil.

4 put a layer of soil with leaving a space of two inches to the surface for the cloves.

5 put a layer of mulch or straw, and that is to warm the soil and protect your growing garlic plant during winter season, and also to let your plant extend the roots perfectly.

6 water your garlic’s cloves regularly, it will need 1 inch of water every week.

7 when the harvest season come you can pick up your garlic, in June or July will be best.


2 care tips for growing garlic plant at home:


  1. Water your garlic plant and don’t let the soil dry too much.
  2. Protect your plant from the birds by putting an extra layer of straw above the planting site.
  3. When your growing garlic plant reach 6 inches tall, put extra layer of compost like the one used in first planting.
  4. Use a pests’ killer if you notice your plant is having troubles from pests.


3 how to store your growing garlic plant :

  1. By the time of harvesting and collecting your garlic plants you will notice that the stem is already turned to yellow color and began to fall, this mean it is time to collect.
  2. You can store your harvest garlic by putting in it in warm place, shady places with air circulation is also good choice.
  3. Avoid putting your garlic plant in humidity places, it will corrupt your bulbs.
  4. When 2 to 5 weeks have passed from the first harvesting, then you can store your garlic bulbs in the refrigerator as long as you need.



article about easy guide for growing garlic plant at home for beginners and care tips


4 benefits of growing garlic plant :

Now you have your growing garlic bulbs, you can use them in multiple ways in your meals and experimenting the great flavorful taste that the garlic will add, there is always additional benefit of trying this healthy plant in your kitchen such as like cold, many people consider it a healthy healer, in fact some studies found out that it can reduce the chances of getting stomach cancer, as many people used it in the older times, as far as I know, it was always great addition no matter what you will use it, happy gardening.


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