article about growing garlic indoors hydroponically

growing garlic indoors hydroponically: simple guide

Wondering about the possibility of growing garlic indoors hydroponically ?, the answer is yes, growing garlic hydroponically is possible, and it can be done inside the house or outdoor spaces.


Hydroponic gardening choice is more likely preferable and suitable for those who do not have much a space in their houses, or simply for those who want to feed the hunger of the new experiment like gardening hydroponically, as it not very simple process like the ordinary gardening, but it is not that hard as normal people will imagine.


Before we start this journey you should take into account that every method of planting or growing will require some needs, for our case we will try to answer the necessary question about growing garlic indoor hydroponically and simplify it as much as possible in order to achieve your goal by planting this useful and healthy vegetable, let’s go into the details :




growing garlic indoors hydroponically



1 growing garlic indoors hydroponically:

choosing to grow garlic indoors hydroponically is great choice if you want to enjoy with this vegetable in lesser time than normal gardening with no soil at all, for hydroponic systems, the process most of it will require 91 % from the hole process on water, and in order to achieve that you will need also :



the Right Hydroponic System for growing garlic:

From what we know about garlic, in ordinary gardening this vegetable will thrive in well-drained soil with moisture, so when choosing the right hydroponic system to grow garlic, it must have the same or alike environment in the soil planting, which require that our chosen system that has a dry and provide cool place for the growing process.


Choosing NFT system will be perfect for our garlic plant because it will allow only the roots to touch the water and not the hole bulb of garlic, the other advantage in this system is the water that contain the nutrients is always turning and recycling which will be great for the growing process.


Choosing the garlic variety to grow hydroponically:

There are a lot of garlic varieties, you can choose the ones you want to grow it according to the conditions you will provide to it along the growth of your garlic plant, if you want a simple choice you may choose the softneck garlic because it will grow in moderate temperature and will not require cold weather to germinate like the hardneck garlic, there is also another option which is the elephant garlic plant if you want to test it, to know more about it read this.



The right spot

Choosing the right spot for growing garlic indoors hydroponically is important, choosing an empty room or closed space will be perfect for it, because growing this plant will require some ventilation and air circulation to keep the room well freshen with the air, as it will help with the growing and also prevent the unwanted smells from staying at home.


Substrate (hydroponic mediums):

Like every hydroponic system, the water alone will not be enough to grow the plant, so you will need the alternative, which you will find that in hydroponic mediums, the main job for these mediums is to simulate and replace the soil in hydroponic system.




like in the natural growing the soil is well-draining for the water, which require for our planting that only the roots to touch the water, and for this the pertile medium will be your perfect choice, as it it has the same pH acidity that your garlic plant will need, and provide the necessary air circulation.


Growing lights

Growing garlic hydroponically will require some strong artificial lights (growing lights), the amount of light needed is from 10 to 12 hours will be best, placing them vertically is your best choice in order to provide the necessary needs for your garlic plant, by saying strong lights that mean your bulbs will not stay in the dormant time.


The lights will provoke the garlic to accelerate the growing process and to be more productive, the suitable type will be LED hydroponic grow lights, because it is very strong ones and also do not make the room hooter like the ordinary lights, there are a lot of types of these lights, and you can choose according to your plant and spot of growing.



The nutrients are must in any planting and growing sites, for the ordinary gardening we put the compost to enriching the soil, in the hydroponic system we put the nutrients in the water, and for that will need to put Water-soluble fertilizer solutions, which will be very suitable in our case because it will decompose in used water and from that to the garlic roots directly, helping by that our plant to feed it and making it grow in best shape.




The best temperature for growing garlic hydroponically is the same as growing it in soil, and it will be between 30 and 50 Fahrenheit, this also depends on the chosen variety, the easiest one and more suitable for the growing will be softneck garlic.


article about growing garlic indoors hydroponically




Steps for growing garlic indoors hydroponically:


1 prepare the garlic cloves and separate them and leaving the skin on them, choose the bigger cloves to get the best garlic bulbs when harvesting.

2 Germinate these cloves in a piece of wet paper to let the cloves produce the roots and sprout a little, couple days will be enough.

3 Prepare the hydroponic system with the water and with the chosen medium and the fertilizer also.

4 Set the lights vertically to face the cloves.

5 Put the cloves in the hydroponic system making the roots in the water, do not let water cover them completely, only the roots are required to be in the water.

Your garlic bulbs will be ready to harvest in proximally of 6 months, more likely sooner, because generally the hydroponic gardening make the process faster than normal, and you can always monitor the growth in the hydroponic system you are using water, but in the soil you don’t know if your plant is mature unless the stem start turning yellow and the process take much more longer.





2 care tips for growing garlic indoors hydroponically :


1 Ensure to provide your garlic plant with the right growing lights that don’t cause additional heat in the planting room.

2 Make sure to provide the dark time for your garlic plant to let it do photoperiodism, as it is a necessary part of any growing plant.

3 Make sure that the growing lights will be higher enough, in order to not disturb the growing stems of garlic.

4 Garlic plant is a hardy one, and it will not have any pests’ problem, especially when it is well established.



growing garlic indoors hydroponically



3 benefits of growing garlic indoors hydroponically:

There are a lot of benefits by growing garlic indoors hydroponically, as it is an easy way to grow plants by using the water, the other benefit is the faster process in growing garlic, you can be also additional plants with your garlic like the spinach.


The hydroponic system will provide to you more productivity with your plant more than 5 times with the same space in the ordinary gardening with the soil, and the most benefit for hydroponics gardening, is allowing for those who does not have the gardening conditions outside to enjoy with their own food and the growing process itself, with this topic was helpful in any way, happy gardening.



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