garlic spray for aphids

can you use garlic spray for aphids? read and find out

A lot of gardeners suffer from aphids with their plants in garden, did you know that you can use garlic spray for aphids?, well yes, it is absolutely possible way to handle this problem from its roots definitely, as it is also considered an out of box thinking to solve your problem, it is also will not cost a dime from your pocket.


Additionally, if you want to know more about garlic spray for aphids, you should stay and read, we have already covered all the angles that you may need during your dealing with this, without any further delays, let’s get to the point.

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garlic spray for aphids



1 is using garlic spray for aphids effective ?:

still have doubts about been using garlic spray for aphids ether it is effective or not?, let me tell you and ensure you about what can expect when using this method, it is important to realize that the thing what works with these pests is confusing their sensory receptors, which is ironically the mild smell of this plant that contain, and as you guessed my friend, it will even prevent any other pests you may think of.


Moreover, using organic cure to help your plant will be more beneficial to you as you are ensuring about using only natural things that will allow you to eat them with conscious mind without any fear.


2 how to use garlic spray for aphids ?:

In order to get the most and know how to handle garlic spray for aphids, you should be aware of simple steps to see good results when dealing with this issue, with that kept in mind here’s the deal:



garlic spray for aphids


1. use garlic spray for aphids once in a week, if you found that the pests are in huge numbers consider using it twice, do not over-use your spray to not make any additional issues.
2. consider spraying under leaves and around the stems of your plants, which will be the places that hold the most of the pests, and what it may hide in between.
3. consider using spray in the morning to make it extra boost for killing those pests, in order to let the spray in its concentrate shape which means lore effective.
4. when you use garlic spray for aphids, avoid any touching with your eyes because it may be dangerous as long the spicy ingredient that contain.
5. when you finish using your garlic spray, you should wash your hands with soap to remove any kind that may hurt you.
6. keep your kids away from your plants when you use your garlic spray in that day to prevent anything from happening.




3 when to use garlic spray for aphids ?:

In order to get the most from your garlic spray, it is recommended to use it in the morning, this will help you to kill those pests and also to avoid the sunlight that may cause diluting the mix, the most important thing is to know how to work with this spray, which means respecting the safety conditioned mentioned earlier.




garlic spray for aphids

4 why you should use garlic spray for aphids?:

there are a lot of beneficial effects when dealing with garlic spray for aphids, which will be huge counts when you do the math, firstly you are using a natural spray with your garden, that’s means you are avoiding dealing with the chemical sprays and ant-pests, the other thing you will not harm you environment when using this one.


In addition, when using garlic spray for aphids, this will not affect neither you nor your kids or your family members, because it is simply made of water and garlic as the main sources of the ingredients.




5 Conclusion:


To summarize all the above and to give you a short brief, using garlic spray for aphids is possible as it is also easy method to be handled, this method also is effective to solve this small issue, and for sure will even help you kick out any additional pests along the process.


Additionally, to use garlic spray for aphids you should apply it once a week, spray under leaves and around the stems, use it in the morning, wash your hands after you finish with it.


Furthermore, if you want to get fresh garlic you should consider growing it instead, great journey and a lot of plants while doing it, and also more joyful when using your own vegetable, if you have opinions’ and suggestions, you are free to leave it below, happy gardening.

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