drying dill in microwave?

drying dill in microwave ? what most people mistake doing it

When you have too many fresh dills in your hands and not quite in the need of using them right away, you should think of a way to preserve and store your herb to use them later, along the many ways, there is a great way which is drying dill in microwave, so can you actually dry dill in the microwave?, the answer is absolutely yes, you can do that, and with simple steps also, by only clean them, cut them, put them in the microwave, let them rest a little, now your herb is ready to store it until the next usage.


not very pleased with that?, let me demonstrate the process even further with more much easier steps, and also talk about all what you may need along the journey of drying dill in microwave, what we are waiting for?, let’s get to it directly:




drying dill in microwave?



1 drying dill in microwave step-by-step guide:

if you are thinking about drying dill in microwave, you should firstly have the herb in your hand, generally speaking, what you will use here is up to you, either using fresh or usual herb are good in this case, it is all depends on your eye estimate, with that been said, you can dry dill in microwave by following these steps:



  1. firstly what you should do is washing your herb under the tap of your kitchen, using cold water is the better choice rather than hotter one, make sure to remove all the rotten leaves and yellow/brown leaves, you should also remove any kind of dirt from your herb.
  2. after that you can either let them dry from water by separate them in the kitchen counter, or fasten this part by using absorbent towel, by putting the herb in between and slightly moving your hands until you finish with that.
  3. when your herbs are ready, now you should put the leave in a plate made of glass, before you do that, you should put a small layer of paper tower above the vessel, after that put your herbs below the paper and spread them, and then you should put another small layer with paper towels to cover them, make sure that you covered all the herbs, (small tip: do not use recycled paper, use ordinary paper towels).
  4. put the vessel in the microwave, set the temperature and the temperature, now let them be until it finished.
  5. when your herbs are ready, you should notice cracking leaves when you touched them, if not you can re-apply this part with additional 30 seconds.
  6. when your herbs are dried and finished, it is time to save them in a good spot to store and use for later.



2 what is the best temperature for drying dill in microwave?:

The best temperature that you should set when drying dill in microwave is the high temperature that your device can get, generally speaking, the good temperature for the drying process should be 400° Fahrenheit for medium size microwave, although there is no harm with using higher temperature, because this device will not harm your herb, it will only dehydrate the water from it.



drying dill in microwave?




3 how long will last the dried dill in microwave?:

After finishing the drying dill in microwave, the most great thing here is about the time that your herb will last, it can be saved up to two years when you store it in dry place, if the conditions of the storing are perfect it can even last for 3 years, with that been said, you will never regret when drying dill in microwave, nothing to lose and only beneficial things when doing it.



4 how to preserve your drying dill from microwave?:

now that you have your dried dill from the microwave, it is time to store them, you have multiple options here, what I will recommend to you is the best two options that works for me in the previous, you can either store the leaves just in the shape like you sort them out the microwave, typically put the leaves between your hands and start squeezing them, what you have to do now is pouring the previous in a jar or small container.


In the other side, you can grind them using grinder machine to produce while doing that dill powder, which is also considered a great way to store concentrated herbs as powder, pour the previous in spice jar and keep it in dry and dark closet far away from any humidity.



5 can you dry dill in microwave from store bought ones?:

yes, you can use the store bought dill to dry in microwave, it is only preferable to choose the fresh herbs from the supermarket, it is important to realize that choosing fresh herbs is only will benefit you with good impacts such as having good nutrient in your herb, and also having the most flavorful and tasting plants for the drying process, and also for the best experience when re-using them in the future.



drying dill in microwave?



6 conclusion:



to summarize all the above, drying dill in the microwave can be done as it is also safe action to perform, you can do that by following these steps: clean your herb, cut it, put it in a plate, set the timer to 60 seconds, set the temperature on 400° F, wait for it, sort them out, let them rest, now you can store them either like that or grind them, you can use the store bought herb as well.


Furthermore, if you want to have the next level of joy with this precious herb, you should consider growing it instead, easy process to do, and a lot of great things along the way, if you liked the topic I would be happy to hear from you, and also questions and suggestions are always welcome.

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