drying chives in dehydrator

drying chives in dehydrator?Why Most People Fail At

Chives are for sure belong to the great list of herbs that should be in your kitchen, storing it for later is always a good choice, drying chives in dehydrator is one of methods to keep them in their form and taste with a longer lifetime, to do so, you should clean them, cut them, use the dehydrator in the temperature of 90° F, and voilà, well done, now you can store for future needs.


Not satisfied enough?, well let me take with me to explain even further on how to dry chives in dehydrator, and also on how to store them in the best ways you could use in order to enjoy more with your herb, now, straightforward to the details:


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drying chives in dehydrator



1 drying chives in dehydrator step-by-step guide:

as most people think it is a hard process, let me tell you here that drying chives in dehydrator is almost easy method as easiest drinking water, so follow up these steps, and you should be fine by that time:


  1. Once you have your herb in your hand, you should clean it with cold water to remove all the soil or dirt from it, you should also throw away the yellow ones as they are not perfect for drying.
  2. using knife or cuttings scissors, chop your herb into small shreds around 4 inches, remove also the hard parts like roots or dead leaves also.
  3. put them in the dehydrator and cover them, take note that the dehydrators are differing, if you don’t have a cover in it just put them in the place.
  4. set the dehydrator to 90° Fahrenheit and let it be.
  5. when you dehydrate chives you will notice that are crushing and breaking in your hand, by that time the process is completed.



2 how long does it take for drying chives in dehydrator:

dehydrating chives in dehydrator will not take that much of time, it will take proximally 60 minute max, be aware this is not an exact science and the herb may be full of water, if you noticed that the herb are not crumbling in your hands you should repeat the process for another 10 minutes until they become crispy, which means that you dried them well.


In addition, to avoid any scattered of dehydrated chives while in the process, you should use parchment paper to keep them all together, in other words you don’t want to blow up in the air all around the house.




3 how to store the drying chives from dehydrator:

when you dry chives in dehydrator, you have a lot of ways to store them, you can do that by putting them in a jar like they are or cut them into small shreds using only your hands, the other option is powder them using wooden pounder to turn it into powder, which is a great way to preserve it with your powder mix. read about chives companion herbs.


Furthermore, there are a lot of other ways to save your herb, as only imagination will limit your option, take into account that storing will not diminish the flavor of your herb in any way.


drying chives in dehydrator



4 why you should be dry chives in dehydrator

as we mentioned before, the good thing about storing your herb is the simplicity of the process firstly, secondly you can enjoy with your herb all year round without worrying of any lack of needs during your cooking, or during the winter, so you will benefit a lot by doing that.


Moreover, dehydrating chives in dehydrator considered fast and safe way to keep your herb with you in kitchen, you can enjoy with the flavor also without losing any nutrient or taste.




5 can you dry chives in dehydrator from bought store ones?:

You can use what you bought from the store to dry in the dehydrator, what I have to tell you that is making sure you have fresh ones to preserve them in most helpful and full of nutrient form, to ensure that you have quality drying process that will add flavor when using for sure.



drying chives in dehydrator


6 conclusion

to sum up all the previous, you can dry chives in the dehydrator in simple steps such as cleaning them, removing the unnecessary parts, chop them, dehydrate them, and that’s about it, the temperature of drying should be 90° Fahrenheit, it will take about 60 minutes to fully complete, you can store them like they are or powder them, you are allowed to use the bought store herb as long as it is fresh to keep the best flavor.


In the final words, if you want to have better experience you should grow it instead, by doing that you will have fresh herb all year with lot of benefits along the drive, as always, suggestions and opinions are welcome, happy gardening.

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