does freezing garlic destroy allicin

does freezing garlic destroy allicin? here’s how it will perform

When you deal with a lot of garlic, you are absolutely thinking about storing it as a frozen in your home, which will lead you to the question: does freezing garlic destroy allicin ?, the answer is no, freezing will keep the allicin inside garlic, in fact, the freezing process will protect and preserve the plant from been spoiled, and also keep the freshness until you decide to re-use your vegetable.



Moreover, to demonstrate the topic with more useful information, we have covered all the aspects about garlic allicin, and also how to provoke your vegetable to produce allicin which will lead you to benefit from it completely, without any delays, let’s get to it:

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does freezing garlic destroy allicin


1 what will the freezing do to garlic allicin?:



In order to understand the process even further, you should first know that the freezing will slow down any chemical transformation in your vegetable, which will lead us to our case about freezing garlic, like we said earlier, this process will not harm garlic allicin, because all the component of your plant will be discouraged and also preserved.


In addition, as you will preserve allicin when freezing garlic, you will also preserve in addition the freshness and the unique mildly flavor of your plant, so when you do this, you will only be grateful and will not harm your garlic allicin at all.




2 How do you preserve allicin in garlic?



There are multiple ways to preserve allicin in garlic, the first one is by keeping your plant in a dry place without any humidity, this will do the work and preserve the allicin in your garlic, the other option is freezing it as a hole bulb, you should be aware that when you cut or crush your garlic, you will produce allicin, so it is recommended to freeze you garlic without cutting or crushing, this will help to preserve and store it in most successful way.




does freezing garlic destroy allicin



3 what temperature that destroy garlic allicin?:



Like we said previously, the freezing temperature will not destroy garlic allicin, by only respecting the regular temperature of your fridge, so when you store it, there is nothing to worry about, if you want to be more specific, the temperature of freezing water(0 C°) will be sufficient to your plant, and it will save your garlic allicin successfully.






4 how to extract garlic allicin after freezing it?:


After keeping and storing your garlic, in the practical part, you will eventually want to benefit from allicin, so what you will need to do is either crush it or chop it, this part will provoke the internal chemical transformation to start producing allicin in your garlic, after you cut it, let it rest for 15 minutes, by that time you will have good amount of allicin in your garlic.



Furthermore, if you want to benefit from allicin garlic, eating it raw will give you the high amount from it, which will be huge profit to you, if you can’t handle the strong raw mildly flavor, you can try the cooked method, of course the amount of allicin in garlic will reduce, but it will be good alternative if you want to enjoy with your vegetable.






does freezing garlic destroy allicin


5 conclusion:



To summarize all the previous, here is the short brief, freezing garlic will not destroy allicin, if fact it will keep your plant healthy, this process is about preventing any chemical transformation from happening, which will lead also to preserving allicin in your garlic.



In addition, you can preserve allicin in garlic either by keeping it in dry place without any humidity or keep your vegetable in the freezer, because it is a perfect way to store the allicin in garlic, when freezing the temperature does not matter that much, and you should be fine with the regular temperature of the fridge/freezer.



In order to extract the allicin from garlic, you simply grab your bulb and start cutting it or chopping it with knife or any handful tool you like, let it be for 15 minutes, during this time the transformation inside your garlic will happen to produce the allicin that you are looking for, by the time ends which is 15 minutes, after that you can consume it directly and profit from it.



Furthermore, if you want to test yourself with more joyful journey, you should consider growing garlic in your home, more beneficial methods and also better from only buying it, if you found this topic was helpful, feel free to tell me about your opinions and suggestions, I will be more than glad to hear from you, happy gardening.






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