does cooking garlic destroy allicin

does cooking garlic destroy allicin? find out how to get the most from your garlic

Using garlic in your kitchen is something happening almost in every house, of course you want to get healthy food while doing that, so does cooking garlic destroy allicin?, the answer is yes, cooking garlic will affect the compounds that are responsible about producing allicin, the heat will break all chemical bonds which means preventing allicin from developing and forming in your garlic.


In addition, to know more about how to benefit from your garlic the most when cooking it, roasting it, or even boiling it, we have covered them all in this topic, so stay with us and let’s go to the details:




does cooking garlic destroy allicin




1 does cooking garlic destroy nutrients?:


despite the fact about the cooking of garlic will destroy allicin, but the other aspect that cooking it will not destroy all the nutrients, the true fact is it will reduce a huge amount of the vitamins and other nutrients this is true, but you cannot say it will be destroyed all, you will have the minimal amount of the nutrient lesser than the raw condition.





2 What is the heat temperature does destroy allicin in garlic?:

we know now that the heating will affect your garlic in terms of allicin forming, the exact heat temperature that will cause allicin to be destroyed is 73.4° Fahrenheit (25 °C), in this heat the chemical bonds of the elements that produce allicin will be broken.



3 How do you cook garlic without destroy allicin?:


despite the previous fact about cooking garlic, this will not prevent you from benefit from garlic in most great way when cooking your food, in order to achieve this you will have to do the following:



1_ first thing first, you should let your garlic produce allicin, don’t worry, you have only to prepare your garlic by peeling it, after that you must chop it into small pieces, it is important to realize that the cuttings should be very small, this process will provoke garlic to release allicin and let it form.

2_ after you chop your garlic into small pieces, you have to let them rest from 10 to 15 minutes, this will let the allicin form at high amount and of course to benefit from it completely.

3_ you are cooking your meal or soup, you only should to add the cuttings in the final stage, which means if you want to benefit the most from allicin you have to add it when your soup/ meal is almost ready.


Furthermore, adding chopped garlic into side dishes such as salads will be great beneficial to you, because when comparing cooked garlic vs raw you will find out that the great profit is in the raw garlic, having the both of them is good choice also and will never regret it.



does cooking garlic destroy allicin



4 is it better to eat garlic raw or cooked?:


It is important to realize that every way has its benefits, because when comparing raw garlic vs cooked garlic, you will find that raw condition has the most beneficial effects along the allicin and vitamins and minerals, but not all people prefer this way of eating as raw because of the strong flavor of it.


In addition, when talking about cooked garlic, it is true that is has lesser nutrients than raw, but it is considered a great alternative to benefit from this vegetable, you only have to apply the previous steps that will allow you to profit from your garlic completely.




does cooking garlic destroy allicin




5 does roasting garlic remove health benefits?:


Roasting garlic will not remove the health benefits, of fact, if you want to get the most from nutrients of your garlic you should roast it, as it will soften the bulbs and cloves, and it will add also the unique flavor of the burned and well crispy cloves during roasting, you should be aware also that roasting garlic will preserve allicin in your garlic, so you can also benefit from that eventually.




does cooking garlic destroy allicin



6 Conclusion:


in the final analysis and to give a short brief of the above, cooking garlic will destroy allicin, but it will not destroy all the nutrients, it will diminish them this is true, if you want to benefit from garlic allicin during your cooking, you should first chop it into small pieces, let it rest for 15 minutes, after that add it in the final stage of your cooking before it finishes.


Moreover, the temperature that will destroy the allicin in garlic is 73.4° Fahrenheit (25 °C), so when comparing raw garlic vs cooked you will find out that the raw form the one that have the good amount of nutrients, the cooked garlic is also good alternative for whom can’t handle the strong flavor of raw form, roasted garlic is considered good way to benefit from allicin.


Furthermore, if you want to have fresh garlic in your home you should consider growing it instead, more joyful journey than just eating it, if you enjoyed with this topic, feel free to drop your opinions and suggestions and also your questions, happy gardening.


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