Do bush cucumbers need a trellis? up the growing game.

Many people do not recognize the difference between cucumber varieties. The common cucumber plant is the vine variety. And there is another variety which is called bush cucumber variety.

When you get to know this variety you want to know of course their growing habits. Is it like a common vine variety? Do bush cucumbers need a trellis to expand and grow?


The short answer is no. Bush cucumbers do not need or require trellis in order to grow. This dwarf bush cucumber variety is extremely small when comparing it in front of the common vine cucumber plants.


Additionally, when you plan to grow this bush cucumber variety, you must know what the necessary things are and what are the best practices you should be doing to get the best results possible.


 For this matter, you’ll find out when you finish reading this topic with the following knowledge: do bush cucumber need support and why, can you train them to climb and expand in such a small space, and how big bush cucumber plants will get when growing.


Without any other need for delays, let’s get into details:

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1 Do all bush cucumber varieties don’t need trellis?

Like they say, “all the rules have exceptions” . The same thing applies here. There are many bush cucumber varieties, most of them do not need trellis, but the burpless variety bush cucumber tends to grow well when using trellis on it.


Moreover, this burpless bush variety grows larger than their peers in the same variety. The Burpless bush variety can grow up from 18 to 24 inches when using trellis and they can climb as high as the same common cucumber variety.


In the meanwhile, all the other bush cucumber varieties such Bush Champion Cucumber, Salad Bush Cucumbers, and Spacemaster Cucumber tend to keep the bushy habits of growing small without the need for trellis to broaden and extend.



2 Do bush cucumbers need support?

As we explained earlier, bush cucumber varieties do not need trellis as a necessary thing to grow. The specification of this variety allows it to grow without the need for such equipment or tools like trellis.


However, despite this fact, bush cucumber plants do indeed need support. Trellis and support do not considered the same thing. Bush cucumber support will include putting stake along the growing in order to reinforce the main stem of the plant to grow straight up, especially in the first days when your plant is still weak and young.


On the other side, trellis for vine cucumber plant variety are used to expand the plant at maximum and expand in a wider space which allows for more sunlight exposure and other benefits. In the case of stacking bush cucumber plant varieties, the thing is different. 


Support is needed as a precaution against strong wind and for reinforcement reasons.

  Here are couple additional info regarding the support of this variety:



Why doing bush cucumber plant variety stacking?

  1. Your bush cucumber plant variety is a dwarf plant. The growing habits of this variety is about producing much less vines than the common cucumbers.
  2. Bush cucumber will need staking to reinforce and make the stem more strong against tough conditions.


  1. Bash cucumber staking will allow your plant to grow straight up, not incline one which might hurt it in the long run.
  2. Bush cucumber staking will help for more sunlight exposure and more aeration around the plant.
  3. In addition, you’ll protect your bush cucumber when stacking by lifting the underscore leaves from the ground to not get in touch with the moist soil that attracts multiple issues.



How do you do bush cucumber plant stacking?

  1. You can stake your bush cucumber plant by adding stakes when you notice your plant has become larger and has a long stem.
  2. Put the stake in parallel with the main stem of the bush cucumber and drill it until it becomes solid and still.
  3. With small still wires hold the main stem of the plant with the stake and start attaching it using the wire until you finish at top.
  4. Make sure to not tighten the wire, just tie up gently just for the plant to hold and stand.


3 Can you train bush cucumbers to climb? 

Bush cucumber plants do not climb naturally. Yet, this does not stop them from being trained to climb and go up. Bush cucumbers can be trained easily to climb by using stakes or other supporting tools like wires.


At the first sight when applying staking you’ll think you are failing at the process, but just a few days later you’ll see your plant climbing and going up in the direction you’ve schemed to it.

Despite the fact that climbing is not a natural growing habit in the bush cucumber variety, your plant will be more welcome than you think because it helps in many ways during the season.



4 Why do bush cucumber plants don’t need a trellis? 

There are a lot of reasons that bush cucumbers do not trellis, the first one is the fact that bush cucumbers do not produce too many leaves and vines like the common variety. Second, bush cucumbers do not expand their stems in wider space. And third, bush cucumbers varieties do not produce clinging tendrils that vine cucumbers produce.


To simplify this even further, vine cucumbers naturally produce those clinging tendrils that are made to grab and twist on everything at their way of growing to support and expand more. On the other side of the bush cucumbers do not produce any clinging tendrils. You will need to use external wires to help it stick with the supporting stakes.



Moreover, most bush varieties do not produce much leaves during their growing, that’s why there is no need for trellis. Yet, the burpless bush variety produces a lot of leaves which is required for the trellis for a better expansion and best growing.



In the final analysis, bush cucumbers do not need (require) for trellis in order to grow. Yet, there is an exception which is the burpless bush variety that requires trellis despite being bushy. However, all other bush varieties need support to grow strong and solid stems, and make air circulate even better.


Moreover, you can always train bush cucumber plants to climb in spite of their natural habits. You can do that using staking. Bush cucumbers don’t climb because of three things which are: they don’t have clinging tendrils that vine varieties have, they do not produce a lot of leaves, and bush cucumbers grow small and do not expand a lot.


Additionally, there are plenty of cucumbers topics here, make sure to take a look. Most likely you’ll find what pleases you. Happy gardening.

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