dill turning yellow

dill turning yellow ? don’t panic!! here is the solution:

You may wonder about what is happening with your plant, of course, seeing your dill turning yellow may be stressful sometime, the main reason is because that your herb is not in a perfect place such as lack of sunlight exposure, because it should at least has a 6 to 10 hours at least each day, the second reason that cause this problem is not using compost properly with your herb, the third reason could be overwatering your plant excessively, all the previous can be handled in no time.


to demonstrate even further what we mentioned earlier, we have already covered all what you will need to know why your dill turning yellow, how to solve this small problem, and the most useful tips on how to prevent your dill from turning yellow in the future, without any further delay, let’s go into action part.


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dill turning yellow




1 why your dill turning yellow?:

What is more beautifully in dill plant is problem-free and hardy one also, with that been said, seeing dill turning yellow means that is something is missing, or you are not handle it right to perform at best shape, but don’t worry, here’s the main 3 reasons that causing this little problem:


1 lake of sunlight: like the title refer, what may cause the issue is that the planting site is not serving the necessary amount of sunlight exposure, you should be aware that your plant is Mediterranean native, which means your plant must be planted in a sunny place with an exposure of at least of 6 hours in each day, dwindling in the amount of it will cause for sure the yellow leaves.


2 overwatering: the other reason may cause the issue is, applying too many amounts of water when irrigation, the other thing is the soil, your plant prefer the well-draining type, other than that may be a concern.


3 too much compost: the third reason to think of, is the possibility of inappropriate use with the compost, when your plant faces a soil with nitrogen base in it, also too much fertilizer may cause cumulative salt in your soil, which will cause the yellow dill.



2 how to solve dill turning yellow problem :

surprisingly, all the previous reasons can be handled with easy steps, yellow dill can be also due to the nature condition such as cool weather or the end of the season like September or November, so you should not take that as a negative point to your plant, so here’s how to solve yellow leaves:




Sunny space: if you notice that your plant is not at full exposure to the sunlight, you should consider move into place is facing at least 6 hours of intense sunlight, if you are growing indoor with growing lights, you should implement the light amount for each day, which will be a good choice to decrease the yellow color and gain the green color. read about dill turning brown.


water: if you eliminate the first cause, you should think about your watering, the perfect irrigation for your plant is applying it once in every 4 to 7 days, regular watering every each day may cause soggy soil, which is not preferable for your plant, Other thing you should do is, proving a good soil that let the water pass through it, when applying the previous, you should see green leaves in no time.


fertilizer: if you verified the previous causes and confirmed that are neither the sunlight nor the water or soil type causing the yellow color, what is left to consider is the fertilizer, perfectly your plant will need a good organic matters in your soil, other than that may harm your plant, so what you should do is remove it with a soil mixed with organic matters such as 5-10-5 fertilizer, by applying only 1/2 cup before planting.



dill turning yellow



3 how to prevent dill from turning yellow in the future :

in order to see happy plant and to avoid your dill from turning yellow, you should provide the perfect and suitable conditions for the best shape and color, firstly you should put it in a sunny place with the exposure mentioned earlier, the other important thing is the soil structure, what considered best for your plant is well draining soil, what you can do as an extra help is mix with little rocks, which will help for the water leaking through it.


The other thing to avoid the yellow color when transplanting it, is loosening the soil with small digging shovel plus putting small layer with small rocks to protect the roots from spoiling and preventing this problem before even happening, which will cause happy plant at your hand in the end.


Moreover, to have well green plant without yellow color is, choosing the good quality to grow, transplant and expand, which will result for sure only good and healthy herbs when harvesting.


4 can you use yellow dill ?:

unfortunately, it is not recommended to use or eat the yellow dill, so what you should do is avoid it and not use it in any meal or dish, in the other hand what is preferable from your behalf to do, is improving your plant by applying the previous steps and cautions to have good and healthy herbs, which means you can use as much as you need.


dill turning yellow



5 conclusion:

to summarize all the previous, your dill turning yellow due to the following causes such as lake of sunlight exposure, too much irrigation or applying too much fertilizer, to solve the problem of yellow dill, you should put it in a sunny place for 6 to 8 hours daily, water it regularly once every 4 to 7 days, cure the soil with good organic matters, add some sand mix to the soil if necessary.


Furthermore, if you are already growing it, well done to you, if not you should consider doing that, as you will benefit a lot with fresh herbs, and also so much joy along the journey of growing your own food, like always, opinions and suggestions are always welcome, feel comfortable to do that below, happy gardening.

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