dill turning brown

3 reasons that cause dill turning brown( solutions included):

Despite the fact of dill is a hardy plant, you may face during growing it some small issue like dill turning brown and wondering why is that happening to your plant, the main factor that cause the problem is most likely lack of water needs, the other factor what is probably harming your plant is transplanting it in another place, there is another possibility which is crowded planting and not enough air circulation.


To explain the issue even with more details, we have covered all the aspect that causing brown dill, and how to solve this problem, and also provide tips that will help you to avoid this issue in the future, without any further delays, let’s get to the details:


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dill turning brown


1 why is your dill turning brown ?

Like we mentioned in the beginning, there are several reasons that cause brown dill, which will be explained in the following to help identify the issue easily, so read carefully and compare it with you plant:


1 water scarcity: what may be a reason for brown dill is the water dwindling below the needs of your plan, forgetting about watering your plant may cause the brown color or even worse wilting it, so you may take that as a danger call to water your plant regularly, another thing you should be aware of is your existing place where you grow your plant, is watching out the rate of rain drops along the season, is it rainy enough?, is it rarely rain?, which will help you in the future on how to handle your plant when it comes to irrigation.


2 transplanting: the other main problem here that may cause browning dill leaves is moving it to another place, which is typically not preferable particularly with this plant, yes your plant is a hardy one and can resist a lot of circumstances, but when it comes to transplanting it, it will not do that well because of the sensible roots, you should be aware that the roots of your plant prefer to go deep in the soil, which means more likely to shock it when removing it to another planting site.


3 crowd planting: this does not happen a lot, but it could be a reason to the brown dills, what is known that your plant prefer spacing between each other plants, it is preferable for two main reasons, firstly to let the air circulate and help your plant to exploiting it fairly, the other factor which you want to avoid overcrowded planting site is keeping your plants from fighting to the same nutrients in the same soil spot, which will cause eventually lack of nutrients that help with the growing process causing by that brown or wilted dill.




2 how to solve dill turning brown :

let me tell you first that all the causes can be solved with simple steps, so don’t worry, and you should be in safe zone just by following these simple steps, and you will be for sure enjoying with more green and fresh herbs in no time, in the meantime here’s what you should do:


1 water : what you typically should do when you identify this problem, is starting to watering your herb regularly, meaning by that doing irrigation one time each 4 to 7 days, if your climate is hooter than the average, you should water it in lesser time, generally speaking you can check the soil drought by putting your finger in the surface in it, if you find it dry you should water it, if you noticed it half-dry you should let it for more 1 to 2 days until you do your irrigation, and so on, your eyes is your balance in this case.


2 transplanting: if you consider moving your plant with lesser difficulties, what you should do is moving the hole plant with it soil and not the plant alone, you should dig deeper in the soil to take all the roots when transplanting(roots can go deep to 6 inches down), this is to prevent the chock of your plant and avoid the brown dill, and also avoiding the plant wilting when doing that, you should also put small rocks in the base of the planting hole to help the roots to be more established which will help the growth a lot in the future.


3 crowd site: to solve this problem, typically what you should do is either move the other plants from each other and make space between them, 5 inches should be enough space, if you don’t have that lot of space, you should harvest your plant just like that, to provide the space to the other herbs, and also let them thrive in the best shape, also harvesting your herb will provoke the growth significantly, which is always a great sign for healthy herbs.



dill turning brown


3 how to prevent dill turning brown in the future:

although the problems that may face you with your plant like brown dill, but there is the positive side which is the ability of preventing the previous issues from happening in the first place, for that purpose, here are some tips to help you along the way:


1- applying the regular watering needs for your plant according to the climate of your planting site, plus watching out for the rain rate and drops along the season.

2- what is preferable with your plant is avoiding any transplanting from or to any place, what you should do is sow seeds instead than the previous, which is more than great way to expand and grow successful plants.

3- consider growing and planting your herb with more space to let them expand and thrive as much as they can, firstly to help your herbs to grow big and healthy, and secondly spacing will let the air take its role during the growing, resulting by that green herbs with a lot of edible leaves.




4 can you eat brown dill ?:

it is not preferable neither eating nor using the brown dill, as it is not in their best shape to consider the previous, the better is throwing them and not using it at all.


Instead, you should wait and implement the previous tips, which will help you to reproduce more healthy and happy plants, which means more than great herbs to use in different plates and dishes.


dill turning brown



5 conclusion:

to sum up all the above, the main reasons that causes dill turning brown are: firstly, water scarcity from your plant, the second reason is may cause that is the transplanting chock, the final reason that may cause the issue is the crowded planting site, to solve it you should water it regularly, avoid transplanting, and make spaces between your herbs, to avoid the issue in the future you should avoid any transplanting and solve this by sowing seeds instead.


Furthermore, to experience more joyful experiment you should be growing it instead from buying it only if you’re not doing it already, you will be more than happy with a lot of fresh herbs along the way, like we always said, questions and opinions are always welcome, happy gardening.

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