curing hardneck garlic

Wondering about curing hardneck garlic ? here’s how:

After a long waiting for your vegetable to be ripe, now it is time to do what is necessary to keep it healthy, which will lead us to curing hardneck garlic, to do this part, harvest the hardneck garlic when noticing that the stem is starting to be yellow, after that loosen the soil from it with your hands lightly or with the gardening trowel, hang it, let it for 4 weeks to dry, after that you can store it directly with the necessary conditions.


Not satisfied enough ?, well, if you want to know more on how to cure hardneck garlic, and also when is the best time to that, and of course, why it is important process to do, we have covered all what you may need here, without any further delays like usual, let’s get to the point.

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curing hardneck garlic



1 how to cure hardneck garlic step by step:


To demonstrate this particular part, you should be aware that curing hardneck garlic will need some conditions in order to see good results, which will be explained in the following steps:



  1. Before you start think about this part, you should be aware that the harvesting is crucial step, while you can damage your vegetable, so it is best to dig up the soil with careful collecting, which will require using the right tools such as gardening trowel, as it handy one to use, after extracting your vegetable loosen the soil from it with your hands until you remove it completely.
  2. Next step here is choosing the right place for curing hardneck garlic, ideally the place must be shady, away from sunlight, and contain the air flowing, and also that is not exposed to the humidity, after choosing the place, you should hang your vegetable using some wire by attaching the stems with it, you are allowed to attach them as group, as it is not necessary to it separate hanging with your vegetable.
  3. When you are lacking air flowing space, you can use a ventilator, as it is a good alternative for air circulation, which will prevent additional diseases, this part will also help to speed up the process and make your curing hardneck garlic even healthier by providing this particular condition.





2 when is the good time for curing hardneck garlic:

You should be aware that choosing the time for curing hardneck garlic is an important, the best period to this is, after harvesting your vegetable right away, while doing it after some time from collecting it will not harm or affect your vegetable, but it is best to do it after harvest because you will keep the nutrients and prevent the disease from harming it.





3 where to put the cured hardneck garlic:


After you complete the curing process, typically it is time for storing hardneck garlic, while you can use your vegetable after it, you can store it for later use, doing the previous part will give your cured hardneck garlic a long storing lifetime, you only have to provide the right conditions such as dark and ventilated area, equally important thing is to avoid the humidity as it can be harmful when neglecting it.


In addition, when storing hardneck garlic properly, you can expect a lifetime for about six months, which is a good thing that your vegetable is featured with, while you want to make sure to respect the previous conditions, you will be in a safe zone to enjoy with your vegetable.




curing hardneck garlic




4 why it is important to do the curing for hardneck garlic:


While this process is an ordinary step for professional gardeners, it is not a shameful thing to wonder about the importance of this part, in matter of fact, it is considered a great thing to question about it, this part is important because of two main things, firstly is to prevent any diseases that may occur with your vegetable, and secondly is to have a long storing time which will give you using it all year long until your future ones to be ready. Full article.




5 can I use hardneck garlic without curing it:

Yes, you can use uncured hardneck garlic, you should be aware that this process is only to give your vegetable a long life, so using it as a fresh will be very good, and you will have the flavorful taste as good as the cured ones.




6 how to know that hardneck garlic is cured:

Generally speaking, curing hardneck garlic takes four weeks to be fully completed, while the conditions may affect this duration, you can expect less time if you provide the ideal conditions such as air circulation and avoiding sunlight exposure.


Additionally, you can know that your vegetable is cured, by noticing that the stems are completely brown, also by that time the roots will be well dried, you can always check by your hands the roots and the stems, if you found the previous signs, that means that your vegetable is ready.




curing hardneck garlic



7 conclusion:


In a short brief, to cure hardneck garlic do the following, harvest your vegetable carefully without damaging the bulbs, loosen the soil, hang it in dry well ventilated space and away from the sun exposure, you can know that your vegetable is ready to be harvested by noticing the stems are starting to be yellow.


Moreover, to store hardneck garlic, put it in a cool and dark area that is well ventilated to prevent any diseases, your vegetable can last up to six months if the conditions are perfect, you can use the uncured hardneck garlic as it will be a good thing if you want to use it instantly.


Additionally, you can know that your vegetable is cured, by noting the brown color along the stems, by that time you will also note hard and dry roots under the bulbs, which means that are ready to be stored.


Furthermore, if you are growing it, well done, if not, you should do it, as it is an n easy thing to do, and also you will benefit with a lot of fresh vegetables throughout the year. I hope you enjoyed this topic, other opinions and suggestions are welcome below, happy gardening.

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