Can you grow cucumbers from scraps

Can you grow cucumbers from scraps? You’ll never believe the results!!

Cucumbers are delicious fruit for many, cultivating it in your garden is worth trying for sure. While there is the common way of growing bought-store seeds, can you actually grow cucumbers from scraps? The answer is yes, you can do that as long as your cucumber scraps have mature seeds in between. Plus other few actions we’ll discuss to ensure a healthy cucumber growing plant.


Using cucumbers scraps for growing is for sure a fun way to gardening, especially if children are involved. As it can represent the ultimate hack for not throwing your cucumbers away. Instead you benefit from them in a nature friendly way that will be more enjoyable during the process.


Moreover, we will discuss along the way with what you may experience or wonder while growing cucumber from scraps, with other helpful advice to have wonderful results. Without further ado, let’s delve in into the details:

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Can you grow cucumbers from scraps


1 Is it easy to grow cucumbers from scraps?


Cucumbers are easy plants to grow in your garden using seeds or cutting. What about cucumber scraps? The process of growing cucumbers from scraps is easy to do, you just need the right variety, the right growing conditions, and plenty of sun, that’s all.


Growing cucumbers from scraps has similar steps to growing it from seeds. Both of the methods require healthy cucumber, and as long as you respect the growing conditions such as soil type and fertilizing, you will experience such good results, the same as the bought-store cucumber seeds.


But first thing first, can you choose store-bought cucumbers and grow from its scraps?

Let’s find out……


2 What is the best variety of cucumber to grow from scraps?

As you may know, the science of gardening has developed a lot. There are many varieties of cucumbers that have been yielded and have specific characteristics. For example, the majority of cucumber varieties you find in the supermarket are non-organic cucumber varieties. This kind of variety is designed to prevent cucumber plants from sprouting under any condition.


This kind of variety is prepared for a long period of storage and to prevent it from rotting. In our case, this will not help in growing cucumbers from scraps, which will lead us to an alternative solution which is high-quality organic cucumber fruit, any variety of them will do the trick.


As for my personal experience and many gardeners, Heirloom variety is a great choice to start with, as it does not require too much attention and conditions, and also is easy to sprout and grow, not to mention the quality of the fruits the variety produces.


Moreover, there is no harm in choosing another organic cucumber variety, as long as it has seeds and is able to germinate and produce fruits.

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3 Do you need to dry cucumbers scraps before planting?

Cucumbers scraps are basically a slice of cucumber that contains seeds in between. I’ve known many people who expose seeds in order to dry them. There is no wrong with that because you are removing any suspicious doubts that can prevent seeds from germination. But is drying cucumbers scraps necessary before planting?


The answer is no, but you should do particular actions if you choose not to do so in order to make sure for your cucumber scraps to germinate and sprout in the proper way, which they are:


  1. Cut the cucumber into thin slices to make sure they contain well mature seeds.
  2. Wash cucumber scraps under running water for 10 minutes and gently remove the overlay that covers the seeds.
  3. Dump cucumber scraps in water.
  4. Add fungicide powder in water and mix it.
  5. Let it rest for one day.


By doing so, you’re now preparing cucumbers scrap for planting. Either this or you can dry the slices for a day or two in direct sun, both ways are suitable for the planting process.

Can you grow cucumbers from scraps

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4 how much time for cucumbers scraps need to grow and produce fruit:

As we stated in the previous paragraph, growing cucumber from scraps is similar to growing it from seeds. The overall period of time it takes to produce fruits range from 55 to 70 days from the first day planting until the complete ripened cucumber fruits.


However, what will vary is the germination process. This part is kind of a crucial part, a lot of factors take an important factor in order for cucumber scraps to see their first light.


Other than that, you will not find any issue when growing cucumber scraps and you will have healthy fruits. You should only respect the planting and growing conditions, which we will discuss in a bit…


5 How to grow cucumbers from scraps?

Short story long, let’s dive into the required actions you need to perform to grow cucumber scraps in the proper way. Here they are:


  1. Choose organic variety or Heirloom variety.
  2. Slice it into thin pieces and make sure they have firm seeds in them.
  3. Dry the cucumber scraps or wash them under running water, meanwhile dump them with fungicide power for one day.
  4. Prepare a mix of 50 soil + 50 loamy soil (preferable in a small well-draining pot).


  1. Sew cucumber scraps for one inch deep and cover it with loosen soil.
  2. Make sure the temperature is between 21 and 30 C° (70 and 86 F).
  3. Water it and put it in a dark and humid place until the first seedling appears.
  4. Put it in direct sun until it grows, then transplant it in the ground or bigger pot.
  5. After 55 to 70 days you will find that your cucumber fruits are ready for harvest.

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As you can see, growing cucumber scraps is easier than most people think, there is no more enjoyable than successful planting, especially when trying to grow from only cucumber scraps.

Can you grow cucumbers from scraps


In summary, growing cucumbers from scraps is possible, as long as the slices contain firm seeds and you have chosen an organic cucumber variety like Heirloom variety. Respecting growing conditions will help for sure in the growing process such as the type of soil and environment temperature.


Moreover, there is no need to dry cucumber scraps before planting, as it will not be harmful if you do so, as long as you do what must be done like washing the scraps in water and removing protective layers that prevent sprouting and germination.


Besides, cucumber scraps will take an estimated 55 until 70 days to produce fruits, same as the ordinary cucumber growing from seeds or others. This period can be longer or shorter of course due to environmental conditions.


Furthermore, if you want to know more about the cucumber plant, or question about issues you faced during growing it, or any other plant, throw it below and I will try to answer, happy gardening. 

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