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Can you grow cucumber from a cucumber? Amaze your neighbours by this.

Cucumber is a delicious vegetable you want to eat over and over again without stopping, no wonder you can’t wait to buy the seeds from store, so, can you grow cucumber from a cucumber? , the short answer is yes.

Growing cucumbers from a cucumber itself is possible, as among us gardeners, we all know this is not as throwing a whole cucumber in the ground and wish for it to grow. There are some steps you should do as an intelligent gardener to ensure the good results.


Meanwhile, to enlighten you a little bit, you should extract and choose the right seeds, plant them, respect cucumber growing conditions, and then be patient. By that time you will enjoy with plenty of scrumptious cucumbers from your garden.

Moreover, if want to dig more on how to grow cucumber from cucumber, you will find this article useful to you, we will discuss also other specifications regarding this subject.

Without any other delay, let’s get to the point.

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Can you grow cucumber from a cucumber


1 notes to take when growing cucumbers from a cucumber


Cucumber is known as an easy plant to grow, this is extremely true, but this is when you grow it from the seeds that bought from garden or online stores for direct sewing and planting.

Take into account that these seeds are dedicated for planting, that’s why you will never find a problem when dealing with them.

But it’s not the same case as growing cucumber from a cucumber, dealing with this method require some steps and verifications to ensure to succeed in this project, by the time you finish reading, you can jump on and start the process directly……

Here are couple notes to take into account:


  1. Choose the right variety: choosing the right cucumber variety is crucial step, you want to make sure that you don’t possess a hybrid variety, because when using this kind, you’ll never know what you will get when planting, as the name states, it is grown from multiple plants, and this kind is spread widely in the supermarkets, so it is best to avoid it.

Instead, you should consider choosing open-pollinated variety, this is the original cucumber plant, when you deal with it, you will never have a problem. There is another option you can do which is buying heirloom cucumbers, this kind is available at garden stores.


  1. Make sure cucumber is mature: when you want to grow cucumber using a cucumber, you will need to extract seeds, those seeds must be mature, which lead to choose the mature cucumber vegetable.

As a result, how to identify that your cucumber is mature and has mature seeds? , you can know this information by three signals:

  1. Mature cucumber has a yellow or orange color.
  2. Mature cucumber has a bitter taste when you eat it.
  3. Mature cucumber has a soft skin.

While this may seem a little complex, from my experience, I love dealing with vegetables and to know these information about it, first time is always hard, but when you get used to it, you will enjoy every moment of the process, which will lead us to……



2 how to grow cucumber from cucumbers

Now we know which variety of cucumber to choose, and the quality of the used seeds in the planting process, it is time to know how to deal with them.

You can follow these simple steps to grow cucumber from cucumbers:



  1. Open the cucumber using knife into half.
  2. Extract the seeds from your cucumber using spoon.
  3. Separate the mature and immature seeds by putting them into water, the mature ones will sink into the bottom of jar, this process will also help to split the seeds from the membrane, separation is necessary because this overlay prevent seeds from germination.


  1. Let them sit for a day or two.
  2. Remove the floating seeds and the overlay.
  3. Put the seeds into some new water and add fungicide to it, this is optional, but using it will increase the chances of successful germination.


  1. Plant the seeds in a small pot with holes under it.
  2. Use a loosen mix soil (50 % soil + 50 % sand).
  3. Water it and put it in a shady space.


  1. Respect the temperature condition outside as it must range between 15-25 c.
  2. Germination will happen after 4 to 12 days after planting, you should not worry if you faced a delayed seedling because you are dealing with natural seeds not like the garden store’s seeds.


  1. Let your cucumber plant grow a little, you should wait for another 15 to 20 more days.
  2. Re-plant your cucumber plant into the ground by removing the pot and put your cucumber plant in the prepared hole, the soil must be loosen and mixed with 30 % soil, 30% sand, and 40% chicken manure, those are the perfect conditions. The small changes will not hurt your cucumber plant, just use what you got. read more.
  3. Make sure that your new cucumber plant not to face the direct sunlight in the first week until the roots are well—established in the ground. Then put it in front of it, because this what your cucumber plant prefer.
  4. After 8 weeks from planting seeds, you will notice that your cucumber plant starting to produce both male and female flowers in it, those are necessary ones to produce fruits, the pollination will happen naturally by insects like bees.



  1. After an estimate of 70 days of planting, you will find a plenty of cucumbers fruits on your plant, you can harvest them directly or use scissors to make sure not to damage your plant.



You have two options when you want to harvest your cucumber fruits, either you collect them as soon as you feel the firm skin and dark green color, this will give you sweet cucumbers but you will have immature seeds inside of them.

Or, you can let them mature enough to collect the good seeds for another planting, but in this case, you will have bitter taste not every person can handle, so the choice is in your hand.

Can you grow cucumber from a cucumber


3 how much it will take to grow cucumber from a cucumber


When you grow cucumber from cucumber, the harvest time will depend on germination factor, in the normal conditions, you can expect to collect cucumbers between 60 to 70 days after planting seeds in the soil.

This period can extend for another week if the germination didn’t happened in its time, this is due to seeds are not ready enough for seedling, or due to immature reasons, either the both cases, the germination will happen no matter what, so just be patient.


Another reason may delay the germination process which is not washing your seeds from the protective overlay, this overlay prevent seeds from seedling in the cucumber itself, so make sure to remove it completely.

When you apply what we’ve talked about, there is nothing to worry about, just let the nature handle your cucumber plant, because in most cases, this is all what your plant need.

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4 When growing cucumber from a cucumbers, will you get good result?


In general, there is no difference between growing cucumber from cucumber and growing it from the store seeds. To answer your question, you can expect healthy, big and sweet fruits when yielding cucumber from cucumber. However, there is two things to point out in order to get good results, which are….

  1. You need to make sure the chosen cucumber is healthy and open-variety cucumber.
  2. The seeds must be healthy and undamaged.

With this in mind, you can expect good result when using this method without any unexpected issue.


Can you grow cucumber from a cucumber




In a brief from above, growing cucumber from a cucumber is possible if handled properly, choose the right variety, choose the best seeds for planting, respect growing conditions, and wait for your fruits.

Moreover, you can harvest your fruits when growing cucumber from a cucumber after an estimate of 60-70 days, a great and healthy fruits like the supermarket quality, or even more.

Furthermore, if you have additional frustration questions about cucumber, or any given fruit or vegetable, don’t hesitate to ask, you are welcome any time, enlighten your weekend by gardening.

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