can you freeze dill in oil

can you freeze dill in oil ?Highly Effective and fastest method

During the year you may be overwhelmed with the fresh herbs in one time only, wanting to use them all around the year is what every woman want, in our case with dill, did you know that you can freeze dill in oil?, this can be done with simple steps, just clean your herb, cut it into small cuttings, put it in ice cube trays or cookie sheet and add the oil, let them freeze for one night, get them out and place them in plastic bag and store them for up to six months.



To demonstrate the procedures, here is great guide on how to freeze dill in oil, and also alternative ways to store your herb, and of course some useful tips on how to get the most from it without any cost at all, without any further delay, let’s get to it:


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can you freeze dill in oil
1 how to freeze dill in oil step-by-step guide:

freezing dill in oil is great choice when you want to get the most from your herb, in order to simplify this process, here is the following steps to help you achieve your goal in fastest and easiest ways:


1. Clean your herb from any dirt or any wilted part from it, use cool water or salad spinner to take off the moist.
2. spread your herb in a wooden board and start the cutting using a good sharp kitchen knife, make sure that the cutting are small enough.
3. put the cuttings in the ice cube trays or in cookie sheet until it is almost filled with your herb, if you want to press the cubes it will be ok.
4. you can add additional mix of spices in the cubes, as it will be a great way to insert spicy flavors along with in the cubes.
5. add the oil(olive oil or any suitable oil that you are comfortable using), fill the spaces until the top, you can use the fork to make the oil permeate your herb cuttings.
6. gently put the ice cube trays/cookie sheet into the freezer, let them rest for one night, 8 hours should do the trick.
7. get the cubes from the freezer, by that time they are frozen well and ready to be packed in the plastic bag/container for the long term storage.



2 how long will last when freezing dill in oil:


after you finish the process of freezing dill in oil, the storing time can last up to 6 months from the day when putting in the freezer, to help you more with keeping the track with your frozen dill in oil, you should put small ticket or sticker in the container or the plastic bag with the date that you should be using them before it expire, which will be a handful way if you are freezing multiple herbs with different date, using colorful ones is also eye-catching way to help you with organizing things.


can you freeze dill in oil


3 which is best : freezing dill in oil or in water?


Generally speaking, you cannot prefer one way to another in my opinion, either way by freezing dill in oil or in water, the both methods are great ways to get the most from your plant, I know many people enjoy freezing herbs in just water and yet find it great, in the other side there is whom enjoy experimenting new things all year around, and not mind trying things like the previous one that we have covered, so the best way is all depends on the maker/needs in your kitchen.



4 can you freeze dill in oil from store bought ones?:


Freezing dill in oil from the store bought ones is suitable choice here, and you can use them in safe conscience, you just want to ensure that you are dealing with fresh herbs and also green ones, you do not want to work with wilted ones in the first place, by choosing good herbs, you are also making sure that the frozen dill in oil from store bought are also will be good in the future when re-using.




can you freeze dill in oil



5 can you freeze dill in butter Instead of oil?:

Surprisingly enough, freezing dill in butter is also suitable if you want to test it out, you can follow the same steps mentioned earlier, instead of using oil, you can heat the butter until it is melted, after that add it to the cubes, let it rest for 10 minutes on the kitchen counter, after that put the previous in the freezer for one night, and you can store them for 6 months just like in oil.




6 conclusion:

to summarize the previous, freezing dill in oil can be done in the following steps: clean the herb, cut it into small pieces, put it into the cube tray/ cookie sheet and add the oil, let them freeze, after that you can store it for 6 months in plastic bag/container, you can use the store bought dill, you can also use butter instead of oil as it is suitable to preserve your herb in a good way.


Furthermore, if you want to enjoy with more fresh dills you should consider growing it instead, easy and delightful journey also, if you like the topic, or you have other opinions and suggestions, I will be glad to hear them below.

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