can dragon fruit be frozen?

Can dragon fruit be frozen? There is only one way to find out.

The dragon fruit is an exceptional fruit that has a great sweet flavor, eating it fresh will make your day, surely after eating it, you will ask yourself: can dragon fruit be frozen?, surprisingly enough, this specific fruit that known as a pitaya also, can be frozen, as it will do very well in the fridge, and for a long period also.

To simplify the above ever further, yes the fruit can be eaten and used as a fresh and a raw fruit, also it is suitable to be frozen for later uses, and as you can’t imagine, this fruit will keep surprising you every each time.

To discuss the storage procedures, we will talk about everything you may face when you consider freezing pitaya at your home, and also make some suggestions to enjoy the fruit with the most effective ways, lets dive in together.

can dragon fruit be frozen?


1 how long can dragon fruit be frozen in the fridge?

You should put in mind that the freezing process is considered a storing for long periods, with that been said the maximum time that your freezing pitaya can last in the fridge is three months at top, it is important to realize that you must respect some steps in order to perform the best freezing, otherwise you may even can’t keep it for less time than the previous, but don’t worry, we have you covered as we will talk about that below.

Furthermore, you can even store your pitaya for shorter times while keeping the great flavor of it, you can keep your fruit on the counter for up to two days without any fear of spoilage, you can extend the time even further if you put the hole pitaya fruit in a plastic bag and put it in the fridge, by doing that you can keep it up to two weeks, and it will remain its freshness.


2 what is the temperature that can dragon fruit be frozen in ?

Considering freezing pitaya fruit you must know the best temperature that will be suitable while doing that, with that been said, the temperature should be between 45 – 50° Fahrenheit (4-10C°), by respecting this interval, you should be in safe zone and keep your fruit for three months.

On the positive side, as you can see, the period for storing is relatively long, many other fruit will soil by this time, which means our plant better than the most, in the other hand, you will be limited for the uses of this freezing pitaya once you get it out of the fridge, like you may know, the frozen fruit will not be as the fresh one for sure, but after all, it is worth the pain.


3 what is the method can dragon fruit be frozen with ?

In the process of freezing your pitaya fruit, you must have a fresh one in the first place, by inspecting the fruits from the buyer, you will know that your fruit is fresh when you notice a firm skin with the pink color when holding in your hand.

In the other side when you open pr slice the fruit you will see a bright white flesh with a sweet smell, (you should be aware here, there are a lot of varieties, we are talking about specific one of them, if you want to know more, consider reading this), by that time you will know that you have a fresh pitaya.


To freeze your fruit, do the following:


1. peel your fruit with the knife and throw the skin while keeping only the flesh.
2. by using the knife to slice and cut the flesh into small cubes, the shape can be proximally inch*inch.
3. choose a big plate or some steel container or bake holder from your kitchen, put the cubes in it. by letting a space between each one of them, this will help you when you collect them and also to avoid the adhesion of cubes with each other.
4. put them in the fridge and let them rest until they are completely frozen, a complete night should be enough.

5. in the other day get the plate out of the fridge and put the cubes in the plastic bag, notice that you can use a plastic container also, you should ensure only that the plastic or the container has holes to let the cubes airy.
6. to ensure that you don’t forget your frozen pitaya cubes, you may consider sticking a piece of paper putting in it the time that you should respect, which means 3 months after you put them inside the fridge.


can dragon fruit be frozen?


4 what is the taste of frozen dragon fruit to be like?

The origin taste of the fresh pitaya described as a sweetie and mushy flavor, when you freeze it, you will keep it from spoiling that is true, but you will not face the same taste as the fresh one, it will be good for other uses, so to ensure to have the good experience, you should go with the blender option as a juice or others.

Although, this should not prevent you from experiencing new things with your fruit, as you may know, many people enjoy frozen stuff than the fresh ones, because after all, you cannot judge without even trying.


5 how you can consume the frozen dragon fruit?

When it comes to use and eat your frozen pitaya fruit, you should simply get it out from the fridge and use it directly, you may wonder here, should I thaw them?, no, there is no need to, getting it out of the fridge should be enough, by that time you can use it in multiple ways.

From the various options, you can use the pitaya cubes in the blender option, by making juice alone or with other ingredient, it will be significant addition to them, the other option is use them in the soup or even the stew, the sweetie taste of it will be as good as the fresh ones for sure.
In the other side you can use them in making sweet sauces and the side dishes as slides also, it will depend on your imagination only with this frozen cubes.


can dragon fruit be frozen?

6 can dragon fruit be frozen for smoothies ?

Yes, your though are all true, you can easily use the frozen pitaya to make smoothies along the other nutrient element such as milk or yogurt or even with other fruits such as banana and strawberries.
In addition, when using it in smoothies, you will get very healthy food for your body, as it will be always great option to fill your stomach with a healthy and useful fruit.



7 conclusion :



in summary of the above, the pitaya can be frozen, the best temperature to do that is between 45-50 °F, the frozen fruit can last 3 months when applying the necessary steps, it can be used in various ways such as smoothies and others.

Given these points, if you want another great experience you should grow it instead, easy thing to do more than most people think, with that been said I hope you enjoyed the topic, if you have other opinions or questions, don’t hesitate to write, you are welcome at any time.


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