best dragon fruit varieties

best dragon fruit varieties: handful guide to chose with

By all times, the dragon fruit is an attractive one for sure, what is more desirable in it is the various varieties that belongs to, as a result you will be overwhelmed by asking which one is the best dragon fruit varieties ?, by this time, let me tell you that your decision will depend on what are you looking for and what you want in your fruit, are you looking for the sweetest one ?, or you are looking for the rare ones, or you are looking generally for the best of the best out there?.

Under those circumstances, let me take the honor to explain in lore details in order to know more about this fruit, and to ensure also to choose the best one according to your condition, without more delay, let’s go into details:

You will find in this article:



best dragon fruit varieties


1 is blue dragon fruit real ?

When you start a little digging about this fruit you will find that many people claims there is a blue fruit dragon, this is most likely people attend to mistake the dark purple flesh of some variety with the blue color, in the meanwhile the common colors are white and purple, red and pink in the flesh, there are also many hyper types that the cultivars grow, and you may even stumble with colors no one hasn’t thought of.

However, despite the different colors of the flesh and the skin of this fruit, it remains unique one worth to taste and experience, from the blue to the yellow one, with the great reviews of consumers, it is truly deserving the reputation.



2 sweetest dragon fruit variety:

this great fruit, or as it known name pitaya, has a different taste according to the variety of it, generally they all are sweet and crunchy flesh, but from all the great flavorful taste, there is only one-star stand here in the stage, which is the yellow skin variety, it is more common with Hylocereus selenicereus, the sweetness is more like the honey, and also has a juicy form more the other fruit, many sugar-addict will love this yellow fruit for sure.

Although, you cannot skip the other variety as they also preferable from many, it will always depend on personnel, you simply cannot force anyone to like or eat something that is does not attract him whatever the appearance or the taste or anything else.



best dragon fruit varieties


3 rarest dragon fruit variety:

the rareness of a specific variety is typically associated with a lot of conditions, you may here consider red flesh fruit a rare variety, because firstly the higher demand on it, the red fruit is preferable to most growers and cultivars for specific reasons such as growing time and demand and the productivity of the plant itself, as it is also used in many dished and also the very popular in prestigious restaurants, so if you didn’t catch up the harvest season, you will never find it.

Instead from the previous, there is also whom consider the yellow fruit a rare one because the growing time of it is longer than the other varieties, which will cause the small quantity of this plant, and also there is maybe only few stores who sell it.

Despite the previous facts, in my humble opinion and experience, there is no such thing as rare, I believe in one thing only, if you want something bad enough, you will get it, no matter the circumstances, it is all depend on you after all, want to know more when to eat it ? check this.




4 best dragon fruit varieties :

first thing to remember here, there are a lot of hyper varieties belonging to this fruit, and every each one is special in its own way, with all that been said, we mention here the most known and also most preferable to people are these four main varieties to choose from, straightforward into details:



best dragon fruit varieties


  1. pink skin white flesh fruit: Hylocereus undatus

this is the origin fruit and first one that was known to the world, it has mainly a pink skin with a white flesh with black seeds in there, the taste is a sweet and juicy, this fruit in particular a good for diabetics, as it is free from sugar, and free from fats also, there are many cultivars that grow it and available.


  1. red skin red flesh fruit: Hylocereus polyrhizus

this one is more like the first with one, but it is differed here in the color of the flesh, some consumers says it is sweeter than the first one, but most likely it depends on the growers, because like we said, the hyper varieties may be little different from others.


  1. red skin, from slightly pink until dark pink flesh: Hylocereus costaricencis

this one belongs to the second variety, the difference here by the color of the flesh also, it may differ from the soft pink until the dark pink or even purple, same taste and juicy flavor.


  1. yellow skin white flesh fruit: Hylocereus selenicereus

this is my most preferable to me personally, it has yellow skin with a with flesh inside, the taste is even sweeter than the other varieties, you will notice that the flesh is more juicy and full of fluids.



best dragon fruit varieties



5 how to identify dragon fruit varieties:

you may be overwhelmed with the many varieties of this gorgeous fruit, to identify the difference between them, you will know which one you are holding, firstly by the color of the skin, secondly by the color of the flesh, thirdly by the shape of the fruit itself, fourthly the flavor of the flesh when you taste it; those are the main notable indicators which will allow you to know the type and variety.


To go even further, here are some details:

  • white fruit: it has a pink skin and white flesh, the shape of the fruit is taller longitudinally, it has a long and serrated tears in the end.
  • red fruit: it has a pink skin also and a red-hot pink flesh, the shape is more circular than the first one like a ball and also even smaller, it has directed ears to the stem of the plant, the taste is slightly sweeter than the with one.
  • yellow fruit: it has a yellow skin with a white flesh, the shape of the fruit is smaller the first two varieties, it has smaller ears also, the flavor is sweeter when tasting.



best dragon fruit varieties


6 conclusion

to summarize the above, the sweeter variety is the yellow fruit, the most demandable fruit is the red fruit, the most common fruit is the white fruit and suitable for many people even the diabetics, these three types are the best ones and well known to the majority, as there is always the possibility of which you may face with other varieties we didn’t mention here.


Above all, you may want to experience more exiting journey to grow this eye-catching fruit, as it is easy more than you can imagine, by that time consider reading this, hope you enjoyed with the article, I will be glad if you hit me with your opinion.

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